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Monday, January 14, 2008

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“Web 2.0...Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder” Never Meant THIS Before! Part 1

The Beauty of Web 2.0

Just recently, I explained that one of the paradigm shifts that GutZy Women proposes and asks you to buy into is that technology can be just as beautiful as your favorite art form.

This is a case study I found 2 days ago (talk about timely!) about how Web 2.0 technological and creative capabilities allow and encourage normal citizens of the online world to become “Marketing Mavens”, creating commercials FOR MAJOR corporations, AND promote them on THE OSCARS!!!! Quite a fete when compared to the traditional ways of making and distributing commercials.

Since we'll be talking about Web 2.0 ALOT, and as an integral part of your GutZy Women education, rather than give a definition of what it is, I'll give you some real life examples I find that represent the soul of what Web 2.0 capabilities make available to us 'newbies". By doing so, those of you who "learn by example" can catch on quickly and easily.

These are also examples that represent BRILLIANT strategies, in my opinion, that can be "adapted and adopted", as Jay Abraham would say, to what YOU could do to put life into your own online marketing without a HUGE OUTLAY of time and money. But you have to act!

Just tonight, for example, I ran across a "Dove" website. Specifically, it's "Dove Cream Oil" that is the focus of what's being promoted. What makes it so UNIQUE is that instead of the Ad Agency creating the "commercial" of how WONDERFUL "DOVE Creme Oil" is... as we are use to in traditional marketing, this site provides YOU with the tools to CREATE YOUR OWN COMMERCIAL!

YES, you heard right…YOU CAN CREATE LIKE the BIG DOGS. Go for IT!

You use the video clips that they provide OR you can mix what they provide with video YOU create yourself. They give you the software to create it and a tutorial if you need it. The rules tell you how it works and how the winner might get their ad shown during the OSCARS!

There are over 600 ads already entered! If you don’t want to create one yourself, you can at least go watch them and give YOUR 2 cents about which one you liked best by voting for your favorites.

I voted 5 stars on 4 of them…Very creative and I could “relate”.

My favorite is a baby boomer woman (imagine that J ) talking about all of the things she had experienced in her life. Who better to know how much you deserve pampering than a REAL woman who has LIVED life (not a 20 year old model who got paid to play the part) and knows how important that can be when you’re stressed to the max?

Way better than a hyped – up, high pressure, 24 page sales page,
wouldn’t you agree?

Short, sweet, easy on the eyes and the senses and we’re “consulted” about our own idea of the “message” OR about which “message” appeals to us most. Sounds FUN to me…I love creating AND contributing... How ‘bout you?

Stay tuned to PART 2 of this article to discover WHY this business building idea is important to you and ideas HOW you can use this concept in YOUR business or fundraising efforts.


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