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Monday, January 21, 2008

Episode 38, Trends in E-marketing, Cathy von Birgelen, E-Bizit Pa

Episode 38, Trends in E-marketing
Trends in Internet Marketing
The Center for eBusiness and Advanced Information Technology is a resource initiative established in 2002, designed to help companies apply e-business technologies.
The primary mission is to:
• Provide education and training programs in e-business
• Create a greater pool of skilled technology talent for Pennsylvania businesses
• Facilitate product development in advanced information technology
• Increase the visibility and capability of Pennsylvania IT-related companies
• Recruit, attract and establish viable businesses, leading to job creation and Pennsylvania "brain gain"

Seminars, webinars and tutorials are taught by industry experts who share best practices, personal experiences and practical applications in e-Marketing, IT Fundamentals and RFID.

Manager, eMarketing Learning Center
Name: Cathy von Birgelen
Phone: 814.898.6547

E-marketing is:
 A set of services and strategies designed to encounter and interact with customers and prospects for the purpose of developing an ongoing relationship
 Facilitated through the use of electronic technology to communicate, interact, gather response, track and measure responses and activities for the purpose of supporting marketing objectives
 Also labeled: new media, electronic, interactive and digital marketing
 Three cornerstones(Cathy)
 Web site—capture contact info, cookie, tracking: how people find you; special promotions—how many opened, how many searched on site, how many took action, download or sale
 Search engine marketing—drive traffic? Put on anything? 95 % of business internet for sources and purchase, 78% use on line before in person purchasing
 Paid search, bid on keywords—metatarsal boot—
 Pay per click, sponsored advertising-- put in your budget
 Google on right, middle section, natural or organic
 Title page must have key names
 E-mail marketing—best relation with customer, may come and go on web site but track with e-mail
 Newsletter or e-mail hosting helps track but also helps with “canned spam Act.”

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