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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Episdoe 34, No Website? Techno Granny Talks to Robert Faletti of Blue Archer on Launch Options

EPISODE 34 - No Website?
Robert Faletti of Blue Archer on Launch Options

Robert Faletti
Blue Archer, Inc.

Blue archer has over 150 clients from small business to large and he answers questions such as:
Why you need a web site?
What are options for launch?

Three options according to Robert Faletti

Go Daddy
Network solutions

Your cousin or your brother in law builds web-sites for a hobby or you build it yourself
Issues: Time involved in free web site
Basic: 10 to 20 hours
What is your business doing while you build your web site or wait for your cousin?
Or hire a professional and use your time to run your business

Robert Faleltti discusses:
Key words, page titles,, content
Key words—inserted into code
Key words on every page

Content must be relevant.

Leave behind content management—no programming experience
Indexing your site
Robert Faletti discusses why he would essentially engage in this arena when it precludes his company going back to maintain the website.

Robert Falleti talks about self designed as opposed to professional websites.

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