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Friday, January 11, 2008

Apology to Carl Weisbrad of Ask Carl Who was Misquoted!

Techno Granny has egg on her face!
On the recent show, Web 2.0 with Debbie Ducic of Gutzy Women, I mentioned that Carl Weisbrad of Ask Carl fame who is a very, very smart man as I always say on my shows had said that Web 2.0 is an old term.

Well I went back and listened to the show where we talked about it and not only did it come wrong out of Techno Granny's mouth, but Carl was actually saying that the technology had been around for a while and had been recently integrated into a new way of looking at the internet, hence Web 2.0.

As a matter of fact, much of what Web 2.0 is, Carl integrates into his teachings and is one of the most advanced senior advisors on the web that I know of. So in my "Old Timers" misunderstanding, I have maligned a very sage individual who has always instructed this Techno Granny with only the best of information.
The information that he actually put out on his show and I that I obvously misunderstood was this:

"You might have heard me mention PUSH vs PULL technology--those terms have been around. Web 2.0 was coined in 2005. Web 2.0 is RSS, Twitter, TalkShoe, etc.. Web 1.0 is MLM, the Portal Programs, email promotions, etc. It has been around forever.Look them up here:"

As I always say, Techno Granny, is not an expert but attempts to learn from experts and people who are using the technology.

My sincere apologies to Mr. Carl Weisbrad of Ask Carl who has only given me wonderful, positive and truly informational advice on anything to do with the net.

I have maligned a time honored and esteemed expert on internet marketing and my sincere apologies go out to Carl for whom I have the utmost esteem.

As I always say, Techno Granny, learns something on every show and this past week I learned to be careful of what I say and how I say it, because there is always someoen listening who will call me to task and a whole lot of people who are smarter than me.

You can find great info on marketing your business on the net and many cost effective ways to get going from Ask Carl at:

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