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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TechnoGrannyShow, Get Paid for Your Expertise, Teach Online with Udemy

 Get Paid for Your Expertise, Teach Online with Udemy


 Hosted by: technogranny
Title: Techno Granny, Get Paid for Your Expertise, Teach Online with UdemyTime: 03/25/2013 10:00 AM EDT
Episode Notes: How man times have you spoken at an event and not gotten paid? You rely on reputation escalation, credibility and the possibility of new clients. And that's all wonderful and we recommend it. Often the organization does not want you to sell your wares or it's just not the forum to do that. .........Still many TAKERS want to get your information and they want it for free. If there are locals and attendees that want it, doesn't it make sense that there are others worldwide? ......There are now sites that will allow you to sell to them and help you with the promotion also.....And you can make some passive income while you sleep......Listen in to hear Susan Newman of Broadcast Louder give you the real deal of how Udemy works. And explain how teaching an online course can positively affect your brand.

Brand Visibility Expert — Award Winning Designer —

Visual Footprint Mentor — Speaker — Blogger — Environmentalist

Susan Newman is a brand visibility designer and visual footprint expert. Since 1994, Susan Newman Design, Inc. (Branding You Better!) has built a reputation for developing award-winning,
innovative, brand visibility design, quality print marketing and creative, functionally sound web solutions throughout the United States and abroad. SNDI designs for entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, and international corporations. Susan is also the founder and host of Broadcast Louder, an online educational webinar series for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Teaching Brand Visibility Globally Through Udemy by Susan Newman

Broadcast Louder created by Susan Newman is a webinar series for entrepreneurs and small businesses and has now expanded with the help of Udemy, the global online education website.

Right on the front page of Udemy website:  “What Do You Want to Learn Today?” with search bar.  If you
type in search bar that you want to learn about branding, Susan’s ten video series is the fourth down on the page:

Susan had previous done a webinar on Brand Visibility but wanted to build that into something that goes much deeper into the actions and attributes that make a brand strong.

She created the content, worksheets and screencast educational 10-video series on these 10 Brand Visibility topics:
10 Video Tips Series: Brand Visibility That Showcases Your Business and Keep Clients Coming to You
More than 1 Hour of Content!
This 10-video series created by Broadcast Louder’s founder, Susan Newman, covers in depth the attributes and actions that make a brand strong, and outlines strategies for you to implement across the web, on social media and in person at events.
Video #1 – What is “Brand Visibility?” (6:54)
Video #2The Google Search: Understanding and Creating Long-Tail Keywords and SEO in Action. (5:46)
Video #3 – Is Your “Visual Footprint” in Sync? Does it Perfectly Represent Your Business? (6:30)
Video #4 – Cross Pollination from Website/Blog to Social Media and Back Again. (3.26)
Video #5 – Finding Your “Exact Target Audience” is the KEY! (5:05)
Video #6 – Broadcasting and Celebrating Others to Attract New Eyes. (6:07)
Video #7 – Why Giving Back Looks So Good on You. (7:45)
Video #8 – Using Email Marketing, Opt-in Offers, and Social Media Correctly. (16:42)
Video #9 – Are YOU as “Brand Ambassador” and Your Company in Sync? (8:56)
Video #10 – Get Out There, Connecting with Others, Both Online and Offline! (9.27)
From Udemy Website About Us:

About Udemy?

Udemy helps students make moves. Whether you want to get promoted, break into a new industry, start a company, further a passion, or just accelerate your life, Udemy helps you learn from the amazing instructors in the world, so that you can get there and get there faster.
Our team recruits the world's top experts, including New York Times best-selling authors, CEOs, celebrities, and Ivy League professors. These expert instructors have taught over 500,000 students on Udemy, helping them learn everything from programming to photography to design to yoga and more. Founded in 2010, Udemy is funded by Insight Venture Partners, Lightbank, MHS Capital, 500 Startups and other investors who previously foresaw the internet giants YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon and Yelp. Udemy is headquartered in San Francisco, California.
From Knowledge Base Articles

What is Udemy, exactly?

Udemy is a website that empowers anyone to teach and learn online. On Udemy, there are thousands of online courses from the best instructors in the world. Furthermore, if you’re an expert you can share your knowledge by creating an online course on Udemy.

Udemy’s platform makes it easy for experts to build an online course. Instructors can use video, PowerPoint, PDFs, audio, zip files and live classes to quickly build a course and share their expert knowledge with anyone in the world with an internet connection.

Things Udemy is not:

  • A publishing house – we provide the platform, and you keep the rights to your content.
  • An accredited university
  • A large albino elephant

Things Udemy is:

  • An education destination for all types of learners
  • A tool to empower all so they can teach to the best of their abilities
  • Really awesome and filled with undying appreciation for you

Udemy has very high quality standards and if you want to teach a class or course you must follow their specific steps and guidelines. Once you have uploaded video and written content, your course will be reviewed and they will alert you when it’s approved, or they will let you know what is missing, so you can go back in and manage your course.

Susan needed to create a higher resolution image that is displayed next to the title. She also decided to create a live action video of herself explaining why she created the series and why it would benefit others including some of what they would learn. Originally she had another screencast introduction but after looking at some of the other teacher’s classes, she realized a live action video would be best.

She had previously posted a free webinar class on Udemy covering Google Analytics and it gained over 150 students, so it was a good time to post another class. The pricing on Udemy is quite affordable, from $20 and up, and some are Free.

Udemy recently created a private group for the Udemy teachers on Facebook, so they can all learn and help each other.

Udemy has also opened up a blog space and is asking approved teachers to write a post on their course topic, so they can help broadcast the classes and teachers even further. Susan is currently writing this up.

“Education technology service Udemy has launched Teach2013, a new program that seeks to encourage and empower industry experts and leaders to step up and not only create their own courses, but teach them as well.”

So as TechnoGranny is always telling you, content is king.  There are sites out there craving content to line their virtual bookshelves and You can create it with your expertise and get paid for it. 

Favorite Quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi

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