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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

TechnoGranny, 9 Favorite Tech Gadgets for 2013

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Techno Granny Does not pretend to attend technology conferences and depends on other journalists and bloggers for information.  The first group of gadgets is from a great site:


1. First up is Google Smart-Glasses, amazing new “smart goggles” that will put a screen in front of your eyes “presenting you with an augmented reality overlay as you view the world around you.” This technology could actually be within our grasp in as little as a year, and will offer features such as GPS, 4-G, and the ability to read an incoming text message as it happens. There will also be a camera, and a Bluetooth connection to Android-based phones. From:

Geek chic?
TechnoGranny has been talking about Augmented Reality as the next big thing.  Of course you have got to be in the network.  Also you need to be a software developer who has been offered the beta glasses for $1,500.00.  It seems they will not be available to the rest of us peons until 2014. They were tested by both a skydiver and also a repeller who videoed both events as they were happening with the Goggles. Also with the glasses, directions to your destination or a text message from a friend can appear literally before your eyes. Now the question is will this distract you while you are driving and will this apply as far as texting and Internet and phone use laws?

PA Images / Jae C. Hong/AP

2. A bendy screen smart phone? It’s coming. We’ve all been at the point where we just can’t imagine another phone call or email and all we want to do is smash our screen. Now we can just twist it up a bit, without harm, and maybe get the same satisfaction. This technology is even rumored to hit the tablet market, as well. The specs for this bendy phone have already been seen in the “Galaxy Skin” from Samsung. The phone features a “high-resolution 800×480 AMOLED screen, 8mp camera and 1Gb of RAM as well as a 1.2GHz processor.” 

TechnoGranny aside:  If you have ever threatened to throw your smart phone out the window you can relate to wanting to do strange things to your phone and now a developer has accommodated you. Instead of wringing your hands, you can wring your phone!

The Leap Motion Controller is sleek, light, and tiny (it’s just 3″ long). It takes up hardly any space on your desk, but you use all the space above it.

3. Shipping in early 2013 and with an affordable ticket price of $69.99 is the Leap Motion, now available for preorder at This device enables the user to interact with their computer using natural movements, with the accuracy of 1/100 of a millimeter. Comparing to other technologies that pick up movements, such as the Microsoft Kinect, the Leap Motion is 200 times more sensitive. It’s the size of a smart phone and it can pick up individual hand and finger movements, even movements from a pen. From:

4. The newest fad for PC gamers just might be the 2nd NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator) to hit the market this year from the company OCZ.  This headband gives the player the ability to control the game without the use of their keyboard, which “reduces reaction times by up to 60%.”
Players can jump, run, and perform other gaming actions at a high-rate of speed, with commands calibrated from the player’s physiology. The amazing technology actually works by “converting EEG (brainwaves) signals into keystrokes.” Eventually, this system could be applied to any time a keyboard is used, not just for gaming.
Retailers are selling the current NIA at and  From:

5. Now you don’t even have to move, or use your hands, to capture video. The Looxie LX2 is a wearable, hands-free video camera enabling users to stream live video and share clips. It gives you the opportunity to wirelessly upload clips of 30 seconds or less to websites, such as YouTube. It’s available for purchase for $125. Techno Granny has decided that she and Nanno Granny, JoAnn Forrester should each wear one of these to chronicle their crazy antiques and chronic mishaps.  It could be funnier than Lucy and Ethel. From:

6. For those of us that spend our days on a computer, we can relate to the eye issues we feel after many hours of screen exposure. Gunnar Computer Eyewear has created glasses that protect users against “computer vision syndrome, it will also prevent digital eye fatigue and increase your visual performance.” There are even different styles for different tastes. You can purchase a pair today for $64.63. From:


7. We’ve seen it in the movies, now the real technology is here to project a laser keyboard onto our desk, as well detect movements above the keys. It is called the Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad and it “works well with your touch phone or tablet and is compatible with iOS 4.3.5+,Windows XP, Vista, and Mac 10.4.” The lithium battery stores 150 minutes of use time and putting the device in “mouse mode” lets you project a multi-touch keypad. This feature is currently only compatible with Windows 7. It is priced at$117.89


8. Know someone who can never enough have USB ports? Think they need 16 of them? Well if they do, they’ll want to get their hands on the TRENDnet USB to RS-232 Serial Converter TU-S9. Handling numerous computers with the hub makes it easy, especially since it offers a KVM switch, meaning one mouse, one keyboard, one monitor, is all you need to control. At $9.50, it’s very affordable, as well. From:

9. The Basis Band is worn on your wrist and it monitors what your body does. Everything from how many calories you burn, to your heart rate, and yes, even how you sleep. All of this information we can gather about ourselves, can only aid us in our quest to be a healthier nation. TechnoGranny thinks all of you baby boomer including yourself should get one of these and get more active and also figure out if you are sleeping right.  Why depend on the lump next to you in bed to figure it out or maybe you sleep by yourself.  From:

So what are your favorite gadgets for 2013.  Message TechnoGranny at and she may just do a show or at least more investigation on them or you could leave your comments here.


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