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Monday, April 8, 2013

TechnoGranny Pre Show Research on Nocturnal Habits of Facebookers

So this is what I discovered in researching this mornings TechnoGrannyShow on the 20 Posts You Might See on Facebook at 4 AM. I was online at 4:30 AM to research this. So sue me, for the sake of research I have joined the ranks of the early morning Facebook addicts.
This is the cumulative results of my research
7:14 AM
• So this is what I got up for at 4:30
AM to search the nocturnal or early morning habits of Facebookers

• Liked a page after sharing a waterbed image: PopularGadgetsAndMiscOfThe60s70s80s
• Got a recipe for Emergency Desserts
saw strange tatoo posts
• Was entertained by pictures of Ethel Mertz and John Wayne (much more by the latter)
• learned about a camel toe disguise product
• Commented on a post about who trains their animals better, cat or dog owners and I don't own either any more
• Read the confessions of the Groundhogs Most Wanted List
• Discovered a wine bottle with a built in glass
• And created a post about waterbeds asking people why they owned a waterbed in the 60's, 70's and 80's

The most practical thing that I got out of this early morning Facebook experience? I was up early enough to take out my garbage since I neglected to do it last night in blinding anticipation of discussing this topic on the TechnoGrannyShow this morning. And that's only because the garbage men were late. They must have been updating their Facebook pages but unfortunately they are not on my "friends" list. Is that something I should correct?

Listen in this morning at 10 AM but for now I am officially announcing that I am going back to sleep, what you do with that information is completely up to you.

Oh and if you are doing something foolish like working at 10 AM while my show is on, you can listen later.

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