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Friday, August 20, 2010

TechnoGrannyShow, Reinventing Telephony, 8-16-10

Title: Techno Granny, Google Voice, Reinventing Telephony
Time: 08/16/2010 10:15 AM EDT
Episode Notes: GoogleVoice has some very cool applications
like being able to read your texts in your e-mail and your voice
messages and having one number with different messages for 
friends or business. 

Guest Eric Nicotra of TechHelp2U will help us navigate this amazing
tool. No it's not a new time for TechnoGrannyShow, my guest was
driving in from out of town and I thourgh it was too important a show
to risk losing him in the trees or whatever.

Tech Help2U

Welcome to TecHelp2U! We are a technology consulting firm that provides
a variety of services for homes and small businesses ranging from computer
repair and home theater installation to implementing and deploying small 
business servers.
TecHelp2U! is  not only committed  to helping you fix your technology problems, we also
want to educate you to prevent problems and frustration! We guarantee professional
quality service at reasonable rates.

Aug. 2010
TecHelp2U! is now offering a free 2HR technology assessment for your small business.

Let us help your business become more efficient and profitable by having a reliable,
safe, and stable technology infrastructure.
Contact: Erik Nicotra at (412)256-TH2U(8428)
Contact Us: (412)256-TH2U or      
Google Voice Notes

Read messages as well as listen,
Search later
Transcriptions sent to your account and forwarded to e-mail
Google voice number, new number, numbers that spell out words,
different area code
Rings all phones at once, Google number always stays the same
Good for me because friends and family won’t have to listen to
marketing message
International calls .o2 per minute
Adnroid Google Voice App
Text messages can go to e-mail and you can
SMS back to continue text conversation
Share voicemails by e-mail
Block callers
Call screening like old answering machines
Mobile application between voice mails and e-mails,s end SMS
text no charge
Conference calls to your phone no long numbers
No  two week deletion of calls
Can you send a text with your voice and not have to type?
·         Voicemail like email Receive voicemail online in your inbox, 
      search through voicemails and more.
·         Free text messaging Send free text messages online or using the  
      Google Voice mobile app.
·         One number for life  Choose a single number to give family, friends 
      and potential employers.
Call widgets?

 Watch for upcoming episode with Eric Nikotra on Google Chrome.
Next week TechnoGranny will resume at 7 AM with TechnoG 
herself advice on what to do when your hot water heater and toilet 
break at the same time. Some common sense advice about 
whom to call.
Who Are You Going to Call?  TechnoGranny has some advice on
whom not to call.

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