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Monday, August 9, 2010

Techno Granny Show, Text Marketing--What Can It do for You? 8-09-10

Title: Techno Granny, TExt Marketing--What Can It do for You?

Time: 08/09/2010 07:00 AM EDT

Episode Notes: An inexpensive resource to market your business or more spam in your prospects text messages? .......... There is something to being first to market in any field. ............. Cutting edge technology is being combined with reallife list expansion. ............. You owe it to yourself to find out at least what it is and how it is used?..........Guest, Curtis Brown, Jireh Mobile...........You can listen to a brief call in preview on Monday Morning Marketeer at: or Next week's guest from TechHelp2You will be telling you about the miracles you can perform with Google Voice

Curtis and Cassandra Brown

Mobile Marketing Solutions Provider

Jireh Mobile

P O Box 003

Verona, PA 15147


There are over 285,000,000 mobile phones in use in the U.S.

Approx. 92% of text messages are read by recipient within 22 seconds of receipt.

Median age for texter is now "38"

Utilize your current marketing as a vehicle to drive mobile participation.

Connect with your customer or client instantly and directly.

Set up two-way SMS mobile marketing campaigns in minutes!

Mobile Marketing Consulting

In today's climate it is imperative to incorporate mobile marketing. Mobile interactivity will make a difference in your bottom line. Today's consumer wants to be marketed to via the mobile channel. Chances are your competition is either already utilizing or seriously considering some form of mobile interaction. Be the first to engage your customer instantly and directly.

Mobile Coupons

Delivered as text or images mobile coupons can contain your branded logo or a text message containing the details of the offer. The coupon is essentially a mobile gift voucher and each campaign can be set up within minutes.

Mobile Apps

Are becoming a valued to in reaching today's consumer. whether simple or really expansive companies see value in sending info real-time as well as collecting demographic info from their customers mobile devices. They are not just for the iPhone user anymore.

Does your holiday marketing mix include a way to engage your customers via their mobile device?

Mobile apps, do they make sense for you?

Why are some still apprehensive about utilizing mobile marketing?

153 billion text messages sent in '09



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