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Sunday, August 8, 2010

TEchnoGrannyShow, Crockpot Technology 11-02-09

Title: Techno Granny, updates 21st Century Tech, Crockpot Technology

Time: 11/02/2009 07:00 AM EST

Episode Notes: Yes, you heard it from TechnoGranny, Crock Pot Technology and I ain't takin' it back either. Don't know about the rest of you but any appliance that makes my life easier is great technology. Chef Patti is the owner of What's for Dinner and also has started an e-mail distribution called the CrockPot Club with a new and different crock pot recipe daily and they are yummy! Here some great tips on CrockPotCooking. EPISODE128 -

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Patti Brown, owner of

Dinner is Served!

has worked in the restaurant industry and been cooking for family and friends for over 20 years. Chef Patti also collaborates with Pat Greenfield, owner of Grico's Restaurant in Exeter, for larger parties and special occasions.

Chef Patti's specialty is Italian cooking with a concentration in heart healthy meals. Chef Patti is also a Certified ServSafe Food Safety Manager and President of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

Chef Patti provides a free consultation to assess your eating habits, likes, dislikes and dietary needs. "Together we will create a healthy and delicious menu for you and your family".

Recipient, NEPA Business Journal's "Top 25 Women in Business" award 2009

Recipient, NEPA Business Journal's "Top 25 Women in Business" award 2009

Yes, I am available for that date…..If you go to my website: All the things you need are there……the only other “bio” thing you might want to know is that I started this business after I had a heart attack 6 years ago (in the Bahamas, died on the table)…..that is a whole story in itself!

As for NAWBO, I am in my 4th year as President (don’t ask)… get our emails so there should be enough in there to use…..let me know if you need anything else!

WELCOME! to the Crock Pot Club! If you are new to the club, here is how it works! Each week you will receive a crock pot recipe that I have made for my clients…..some will be VERY easy, some a little more involved…the idea is to prep the ingredients, put the crock in the fridge..then one morning when you know you will have a busy day…pop the crock into the pot, turn it on and come home to a delicious dinner ready for you to enjoy…If you don’t already own a crockpot, I suggest buying the: Rival Oval Programmable Stainless Steel Crock Pot……it is available at Macys or you can buy it online at

Chef Patti Brown

Dinner is Served!


Is "What's for Dinner?" the most stressful question of your day? Do you hate grocery shopping, have no time to cook and want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing things you enjoy? Imagine coming home to a delicious dinner prepared with the freshest ingredients and customized for you and your family. Best yet, it will be ready in minutes!

"Hiring a Personal Chef to make part of your life more manageable is no different from hiring a cleaning service to help keep your home tidy. For some people it is a necessity, for others it is a helping hand that can make day to day life more enjoyable"!

Other Services: Cooking lessons, special dietary needs, pantry & kitchen organization, cocktail & dinner parties.

A Personal Chef service is the solution to "What's for dinner?" If you are tired of take-out food, hate to cook or don't have the time to cook, Dinner is Served! does it all for you. Planning, shopping for and cooking healthy and delicious meals that you can eat at your convenience is all part of the Personal Chef experience. Imagine the answer to the "What's for dinner" question is already prepared and waiting for you to heat it and enjoy a relaxing meal in the comfort of your own home.

Menus are tailored to your likes, dislikes and special dietary needs. Gift Certificates are available as a Personal Chef service makes a wonderful gift for new parents, post surgery patients, persons on special diets or anyone who wants a break from cooking!

My business is called: Dinner is Served!

Started: August 2005

What I do: I am a Personal Chef who prepares weekly meals for clients at their homes....small scale parties....sit-down organization..I also work at

a friends restaurant on Saturday nights which satisfies by "restaurant fever" and helps me to learn new skills and food from one of the Culinary trained Chef's who has worked there over

20 years.

How the crockpot club was started: I am President of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) of NEPA....listened to women business owners complain

that they had no time to get a healthy, good tasting meal on the table.....when I first mentioned crockpot cooking, several said they tried it but the recipes were not great or too

complicated...since I use my crockpot alot and also use it for clients meals I decided to send them recipes I have tried.....the club started out with about 20 members, it now has over

200 and is growing everyday....the recipes are being featured in a local magazine which is generating even more "business".

What people think about crockpots: Most people think of them as "old fashioned cooking" meaning poor cuts of meat that are overcooked and flavorless....with the dawn of the internet

there are thousands of crockpot recipes that are "upscale" and healthy...the secret is to find the "good ones"...sometimes it is just knowing what ingredients work together and others

it is trying a recipe once and then adjusting it as needed......

A good hint: If you try meal at a restaurant and love it......look for a crockpot version online.....example: Chicken Marbella.....I prepared it for a meal at the restaurant I work at and loved it so

much that I found a crockpot version that is fantastic.

Tips: Purchase ingredients ahead of time....prep and place in removable crock, put in fridge....pop it into the cook base on the day you need it

Casseroles, roasts and yes, even lasagna can be made in your crockpot...meatloaf is great also!

Types to purchase: My favorite, the Rival Programmable can buy it everywhere....let's you program cooking time

Best place to get recipes: Online sites such as ingredient sites like Campbells....Kraft...etc. is my favorite

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