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Friday, June 25, 2010

TechnoGrannyShow, Technology You Tought was Dead but Isn't, June 14, 2010

You can hear this show archived on TalkShoe at:
or on TechnoGranny's syndicated Pittsburgh Internet Radio Show on

Mary Pam Kilgore of Kilgore Business Services and Joanne Quinn-Smith, aka TechnoGranny, two Old Style Tech Savvy Seniors who have made the paradigm switch to new technology, talk about older technology that is still alive and well.

Stuff we talk about:

Old fashioned wine press

Pasta maker

Popping popcorn, air poppers and jiffy pop and microwave popcorn yet still gourment popcorn

Resurgence of canning, Mason jars, paraffin wax for top of jelly,

Frozen vegetables yet people still prefer canned, young people

Fax machine, for large documents and contracts, still preferred despite e-mail and document sharing

Heard on one show that they still use mimeograph machines in some parts of the world

Dial up internet, one company that only invests in dial up companies

Home phone, land line

Keresone or oil lamps

Transistor radios, emergency bands, world radios

Motor boat not completely replaced the row boat or the canoe, just did the longest connected paddle boats right here in Pittsburgh

Wring mop despite the sponge mop and replacable mops and electric mops

Pine Tar Soap

Hand candle making, soap making

Knitting, macramé, crocheting

Vinyl records, dj’s and collectors still prefer them, musicians will tell you nothing like the sound


Fifty cent rides at the malls

Coal or wood burning stove

Kerosene heaters

Push lawnmowers

Indoor, outdoor carpet, fake grass

Jerky making, beef, deer, pork

Baking, despite the brands name pastries and cakes and plethora of bakeries, Betty Crocker is not dead

Gas stove

Charcoal grill, despite the big fancy propane grills

Red Wagon (toys)

Lincoln Logs


Flatten a penny, Imprint a penny machine

Incline rides for transportation

Hand drill

Shakers with wire ball instead of blenders

Wisk instead of an electric mixer

Old fashioned roulette wheels at carnivals

Merry Go Round

Teeter totter, see saw

Swings at the park

Sand boxes

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