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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Workshop with TechnoGranny, "Create Online Platform to Sell Anything "

Still waiting for the internet to save you!  Take matters in your own  hands and attend this seminar.  Even for a small business or solo entrepreneur, the cost will be liquidated with acquisition of one new client.  You figure out after the seminar your return on investment.  You will be pleasantly surprised~

Create an Online Platform to Sell Anything™
3 Hour Hands On Workshop
Bring your laptop for some ready-to-use tools to “Get Your Google On”!

Learn from TechnoGranny™, TalkCast Host, 2009 Small Business Journalist of the Year and "Get Your Google On Gal.” Finalist in the American Business Stevie Awards in the Media Category

8 Lessons DIRECTLY from her experience in creating an online platform

1. Establish yourself as an EXPERT
2. MARKET your business
3. SELL information products
4. PROMOTE your speaking
5. PUBLISH a book
6. Fuel Your NEW PRODUCT launch
7. Become an internet radio and TV Business Rock Star”
8. Get Your International and PITTSBURGH GOOGLE ON!

10 Tremendous Tools to Get You Going!

1. Free Advertising, I am Kidding Right? NOT!
2. Blogging, Article Marketing, Is there a difference?
3. Social Media—To Tweet or Not to Tweet? LinkedIn or LinkedOut?
4. TalkCasting, Webinars, Do You Have a Face for Radio?
5. Landing Pages—Don’t Buy a List, Get by Giving!
6. Auto Responders ---Automate Your Conversations
7. Real Live Networking—From Shorts to Big Boy Pants
8. E-Book—Everyone’s Got an “Ask the Expert” in them, So “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”
9. You Tube, Why the Old Lady in Bulgaria Trumps Techno Granny on 1st page of Google!
10. How a Local Videographer Became Internationally Known Over Night!

Who Should Attend?

• B2B marketers – small businesses, consultants, educators, transportation, restauraunteurs
• B2C marketers - retail, insurance, wellness, service professionals, finance and accounting
• Corporate marketing managers and directors , bloggers and podcasters, entertainers
• Advertising agency professionals, new product and service developers

Only 20seats available! Charge $147.00

To Register

Or Call 412-528-5048 to register by phone

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