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Monday, December 1, 2008

Flash Pros and Cons with Emile Nottle of Zoop Design

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While Flash websites can be pretty slick, with animations, slide shows, fancy menus and moving text, there are a some serious problems with Flash based sites. Here's what I explain to clients when they tell me they want a Flash website:
First, the search engines cannot read the text in a Flash site. If you have an online business, whether you're selling goods, services, or digital downloads, you probably want all the traffic you can get. When web users type in search terms for things they are looking for, you want your website to come up in the search engine. A Flash site will not come up in the search.

Another problem with Flash sites is that people with outdated browsers, and/or who don't have the current version of the Flash player, won't be able to see the site, again eliminating a large chunk of your target market. Also, some people disable Flash to avoid those annoying, flashy ads. This further narrows your audience.

Also, some people simply don't have the patience to wait for Flash sites to load. I've seen Flash sites take up to 3 minutes to load, which seems excessive to me, considering that most websites load instantly if you have a fast connection. An ultra cool site won't help you if people don't stick around and wait for it to load.
Finally, most effective websites are constantly updated with fresh content to entice users to keep coming back. However, if you have a Flash based site, you will need a developer with Flash skills, and the updates will cost you much more than updates to a standard HTML/CSS based website.

Ok, you must be thinking... with so many Flash sites out there on the internet, there must also be some pros?
There's a way to get around most of the problems described above. Your web designer can embed Flash elements into your HTML website - like a fancy menu, a small window with a slide show or moving text, etc. If this is done properly, you can have a slick website without excluding much of your target market.
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