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Friday, December 12, 2008

Techno Granny Show Web 2.0 Election Sites

This show was originally recorded on November17, 2008. You can listen to archived version at:

Techno Granny Show Web 2.0 Election Sites

Research notes:

Election Results -
Election Center 2008 - Election & Politics News from - 70k –
Election result maps
Slate Magazine: www.mapthecandidates

Use the search in the bottom left to check out your own city.
Takes you to Google maps
Customize voting info for election day
Drag the timeline
Starbucks cares enough to buy you a coffee, You Tube

What can I do with this Web page?
MTC is a tool to help you keep track of the presidential candidates, follow their campaigns virtually, and even find trends in their movements.
1 Mix and match candidates.
Check and uncheck candidates to the right of the map to filter the map’s display. Use the search in the bottom left to find your home state or city.
2 Tinker with time.
Drag the handles on the timeline above the map to adjust the time range you’re viewing. Look at severals months or just a single day.
3 Become a campaign groupie.
Click on articles or videos on the left to jump to noteworthy stops. Watch video of the candidates campaigning to follow them across the country.

Blogs:—Did Obama Buy the Election?

Extra! Extra! Barack Obama Becomes Third Consecutive New President
To Lose New Hampshire Primary and Was Unable to Get
Elected to the House of Representatives.

Institute of Election Analysis website

The Banzhaf Power Index and Equity - Another Reason to Keep the Electoral College

National Conference of State Legislatures

State Votes and Party turnover

Interesting blogs:

Blue Collar Republican
John Farmer
Picture of a soldier, nurse, fire fighter, policeman and construction worker


16,101 results

U.S. Presidential Elections
47, 733

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