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Friday, December 5, 2008

Start Your Own Talkcast on Talkshoe

Why in the world would you want to start your own podcast or talkcast? For the same reasons that you have a blog:
a. to become a thought leader
b. to establish yourself as an expert in your field
c. to monitor the market and help to shape it
d. to create a following that will in turn create business.

So here are your ten very basic steps, there is much filling in the blanks and you can get a little more of this on the pre-recorded show that is attached to these notes:
Record Date: July 21, 08 Techno Granny for President or How to Start Your Own Talkshoe Show
You can listen to archived versions at: or on Techno Granny Show’s own radio channel at


1. Purchase microphone and head phones
2. Create Account at
3. Create editorial calendar
4. Do a Test Call to check out how your sound will be and get familiar
5. Schedule Your First Episode
6. Invite and promote ( People join via phone, pc or listen on computer later)
7. Be prepared for commitment
8. Start a blog of the same name for your show notes and any additional blogs
9. Always plan your show
10. When you schedule a show, be sure to observe your start time and BE THERE!
Helpful Hints:
• Check out my show blog for ideas:
• You can also change this to a domain name that does not use blogspot in it.
• Make sure that you add a widget from Talk Shoe for people who discover your blog and want to listen to your show.
• Use can also use: BlogtalkRadio which is also free.
• After you have some following, probably about twenty shows, start your own social network for your loyal listeners. This will give them an opportunity to comment on your show.
List on as many pod cast hosting sites as possible:
Here’s a list of popular Pod cast Directories.
Podcast Pickle,
Podcast Alley,
Podcasting News,
Many Helpful Hints In “Host Lounge” on Talk Shoe, also you will receive periodic Talk Cast Invites where Hosts Share Strategies on a Talk Cast that will be archived but if you are live you can ask questions.
Check out current Internet Radio and TV channels for JQS Talkcasts at: or
Watch for these shows by JQS: Techno Granny Show, Monday Morning Marketeer, Professionals with Impact, PositivelyPittsburghLive
For additional info and Web 2.0 Gorilla Branding Training™
Contact: Joanne Quinn-Smith
Dreamweaver Marketing Associates
This blog post can be reproduced in its entirety with the following information:
© Joanne Quinn-Smith, Techno Granny Show 412-628-5048
Listen at: or on the Techno Granny Show Internet Radio Channel.

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