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Sunday, November 30, 2008

1We, 1 World Experience and 1We,Chain

This show aired on Techno Granny Show at 7 AMEST, Monday November 24, 2008
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Fazila started her media career at The International Advertising Film Festival, Cannes. She now holds the position of President for The Netherlands and Malta for the European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry (EEIG). 1We - One World Experience has been a dream for her since her childhood and feels like a lifetime commitment.
By parentage and birth she is from Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan). At the age of 10 months in 1964 her family migrated to England as the economy and political situation was very bleak with the possible outbreak of war which inevitably happened separating East and West Pakistan creating Bangladesh in 1971. She was raised in England and in 2004 moved to Malta where she lived for 4 years. She now lives in Holland where she operates internationally.
Her only visits to Bangladesh were at the age of seven and twelve years old. She felt she could never return to her home country due to the anguish it would cause her after she had left yet for once she felt she could do this with 1We – One World Experience and this time, make a difference.

In Bangladesh:
I am walking to a boat in the harbour of Old Dhaka to take us to a village. Time has stood still in my mind and the tormenting memories from my visits as a child have returned. I am in my own country. Nothing has changed. Everywhere I look the harsh reality of how people still have to live and what they endure to get through every single day is more apparent. I close my eyes but cannot shut out the misery around me. I am now in the village and it is still so remote to living in the western world. It is beyond belief.
A few days later I am visiting Dhaka Medical College Hospital. My roots started here. It is where my parents met, where my life started, where I was born and where I lived when I was a baby. I am confronted with horrifying realities and life threatening situations which could affect me and my family. I am on the outside looking in. It feels so real and everything is happening to me.
I am losing count of the sea of desperate faces. Of people so weak with hunger, pain, sickness, disease, with no strength and losing hope. I realize my family was so fortunate to leave so many years ago. I feel sickened and terrified with the realization: THIS COULD BE ME.
So many questions are flying through my mind. What can I do to alleviate or put a stop to these desperate situations? What can I do to make a difference to the lives of these people? How many more are in these situations? Is there a future for anyone? I am more determined that we are all in a position to help with no excuses. It is not too late and a mission cannot be accomplished alone. For the sake of humanity we must integrate, take the bull by its horns and make a positive and sustainable change.

About 1We – One World Experience
1We - One World Experience is an international groundbreaking TV broadcasting and development organization backed by the corporate sector. With innovative development projects and positive TV programs we cut through all traditional practices.
What I am seeking:
I have met many people from all over the world who want to make a difference towards a better world. I would like to meet so many more who share this vision and are willing to help make this happen.
By joining forces this is possible as a mission cannot be accomplished alone.
At this moment in time we are currently broadcasting on national television in The Netherlands and United Kingdom and in other countries internationally.
Furthermore we have created several new development projects. For example we have secured a future for over 60 rickshaw drivers and also slum shops creating a future for several in Bangladesh.
For expanding the organization worldwide I am seeking interested people and corporations, funding towards media exposure, sponsorships, donations towards current and new development projects, alliances, further increased international exposure and awareness.
Most of all, through fundamental and human rights I would like to give a golden future to so many across the globe which will last throughout several generations to come with sustainable benefits.
The concept of 1We came into action in January 2005 resulting in the company launch in January 2006. Due to consistent negative media portrayals the organization took a decision be the new party to change this through positive media resulting in world development.

World Development
The main issues wherever we are in the world and result in six main factors which have to be addressed from the very core in order to sustain projects and build economies.
They are:
This can be approached successfully by raising awareness via all forms of cross media.
Successful economy building can be reached by identifying skilled entrepreneurs both in the region in allegiance with professionals internationally who have a solid understanding of all full aspects relating to the country in question with several factors taken into consideration.
The main ones are the addressing of social and cultural issues along with current attitudes and mentality. Governance and politics for every country need to be looked into in full detail. In addition to this the identification of successful international case studies in different continents which can be applied anywhere in the world with certain exceptions which may apply such as geographical location, environmental differences and the availability of resources available.

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