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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Special Edition, 3rd Annual Pennsylvania Technology Conference

Special Edition: 3rd Annual Pennsylvania Technology Conference with guest speakers slated for the conference, Misty O’Connor from Point Click and Learn and Kirsten Womack of Two Tech Divas. Interview Date: November 4, 2008.

Using Social Media and Viral Marketing To Increase Brand Awareness & Sales (Tech Conference by Misty O'Connor and Joanne Quinn-Smith

The explosion of social networks provides never-before-seen customer acquisition opportunities for businesses to promote their brands and penetrate new markets. With podcasts, blogs and messages boards, user content reigns supreme. How can your business benefit from sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Facebook? What are the key strategies for effective social marketing and how do you capitalize on the phenomenon that is viral marketing, the digital equivalent of offline word-of-mouth advertising, for customer acquisition opportunities. How do you encourage viral marketing and pass-along factor in the electronic space?
Misty O’Connor, Point Click Learn

Joanne Quinn-Smith, the Techno Granny,

Misty O'Connor Bio

Futurist, 21st Century speaker and consultant, and President of Point Click Learn, Misty O’Connor has over twenty years in both education and in the technology field, and fifteen years in the computer software industry. For the past 10 years, she has cultivated the knowledge gained from these experiences to become an expert in educational technology, Web 2.0 skills, and the 21st Century Learner. Misty speaks nationally and consults with school districts, business owners, and women entrepreneurs assisting them in developing the 21st Century Skills necessary for their organizations to be competitive in the global market place.

Misty’s strengths lie in her ability to listen to her audience and provide sound, practical advice that can be readily applied for immediate success. Businesses and schools rely on Misty’s expertise in understanding the Digital Age showing business professionals and educators how to incorporate Digital tools and 21st Century Skills within a differentiated environment filled with Digital Natives and Immigrants.

The topics covered in the seminar:

* Growing and developing your business using Web 2.0 tools
Social Prize
* Demonstrating 2nd Life in the Exhibit area.
* Blogging
* Linkedin
* Not using Technology for Technologies sake

Boosting Your Business With a Blog: How To Get Started & Get Noticed (Tech Conference by Kirsten Womack and Donna Baxter)

Weblogs, one of the most powerful and popular e-media tools, provide millions access to your published content, ideas and expertise. Blogs also tend to rank higher in search engines, making them an effective and inexpensive tool for promoting your business and services. Which blog software should you use and how can you use it to create an entire website? How have other business owners used them successfully? Learn what you need to know to become a great blogger and how to capitalize on your blog to attract new business, drive traffic to your website and establish your expertise in your industry.
Donna Baxter, Two Tech Divas
Kirsten Womack,Two Tech Divas

The Divas will be speaking about blogging

Are you afraid that your lack of technical skills will sabotage your business' online success? Don't be. The 2 Tech Divas will take those fears away. Donna M. Baxter and Kirsten A. Womack's goal is to work with entrepreneurs to teach them how to dramatically improve productivity or market presence using technology. Both have been helping entrepreneurs for over 10 years with their services resulting in some of their clients earning online income in excess of 20k per month! The 2 Tech Divas know that there is a gold mine online and offer digital coaching, laptop workshops, e-books, Digital Makeovers, Dynamic Diva Duo keynote speeches and other services that will give you the tools to dig for that gold.
Donna Baxter is the Developer and Web Mistress of which has won three years in a row the Black Web award for Best Community Website in the East. Kirsten Womack runs an extremely successful and efficient, of course, virtual assistant business called Immackulate Impressions. 2 Tech Divas believe that technology should work for you…not the other way around! Visit their site at and sign-up to receive the 2 Tech Divas' "Tech e-News" and you'll receive a FREE Bonus Report for doing so
Kirstens’s free tip of the Day: You can check out 199 Internet Tools in the book by the two tech Divas at:

Master of Multitasking: Killer Tools for Organizing Your Business, Boosting Your Productivity & Saving Time

Time is money so how do business owners and managers get more time out of every day? Attend this session to discover some of the new technologies and tools that are helping businesses like yours work more efficiently and cost-effectively. Learn the latest in mobile tools, online calendars, contact management software and integrating your online and offline information. Learn if its time to update your tools or practices for streamlined operations and high-performance.
Kirsten Womack, Immackulate Impressions

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Linkedin was included into the Top 10 employment site list...linkedin is still the only social network on the list though.....the newest 3 on the list are- (professional networking) (aggregated listings) (matches you to the perfect job)

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