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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Love, Good for Relationships or TMI?

LovePong™ is a free, fun, online game for couples that helps improve communication and enhance your relationship.

Bill Weil is a Principal at Socius Partners (, specializing in helping emerging technology companies. He has founded 6 companies and has 23 years experience in marketing and software development. Bill helps companies with marketing and business development strategies, and creates websites, email newsletters and web marketing solutions for all industries. He can be reached at


Ever feel like you and your partner are speaking different languages? With so much divorce, unhappiness, or just lack of passion in long-term relationships, do you feel like you're just "hoping" yours will last?
Relationships are easy at first, but most of us fall into habitual patterns that allow the love and passion to degrade over time.
LovePong™ is a fun way to keep the communication, love and passion flowing.
It takes about two minutes a day.
How It Works
LovePong™ works by giving you and your partner small, easy communication tasks, and provides online coaching on how to communicate most effectively.
Sometimes you'll find great surprises. Other times you'll discover things that might have festered - and get an opportunity to nip it in the bud.
First, you are given a task, such as:
• List things for which you'd like to be acknowledged, or
• Complete the sentence: "Sometimes I get upset when you..." or
• Make a very specific request about something you would like from your partner
• Etc.
As you fill in blanks that state and further clarify the communication, LovePong™ provides coaching, tips and examples to help you communicate powerfully and responsibly.
When you are done, this information is sent to your partner. We call this a "ping."
Next, your partner receives an email that you have "pinged," and is invited to login.
Your partner reads your communication and then is guided to respond. LovePong™ provides gentle coaching and tips to help your partner respond powerfully and responsibly.
Your partner's response is then sent to you in an email. We call this a "pong."
Is that all? Yes and no. LovePong™ has two objectives:
1. Help bring issues to the surface and encourage the free and ongoing exchange of communication.
2. Provide guidance to make your communication as effective as possible.
Future versions of LovePong™ will maintain and track open items (i.e., items which you or your partner do not feel are fully resolved), so that, at your leisure, the two of you can revisit, and ultimately resolve, them. There will also be ways to win "points" as a couple.

Bill Weil
Socius Partners, LLC
(412) 690-0703

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