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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TEchno Granny Show, Free Virus Ware and Spyware by Sue Tresatti, Taylored Solutions

I would like to start out by stating no antivirus program is 100 accurate so doing regular backups are critical.

Because of Trojan Horses you need to run a scan at a minimum once a week but ideally daily.

In the past more viruses were coming through email but ISP’s (internet service providers) have done a better job of combating those so more are coming through web pages. This is based on my customers that I have had to fix in the past years.

What are the Top 10 antivirus programs – you can Google this. Make sure there are not ad’s for the antivirus on the site because they might have paid for that spot. You may see different rankings but most have the same ones just in different orders.

The top 3 antivirus software’s are probably names most people have never heard (bitdefender, kasparsky, Nod32) AVG is 4th.

Understanding viruses -

Other ways to deter viruses

1. ensure your operating system is up to date with essential security patches

2. install a firewall (windows has a firewall and also routers come with a firewall)

3. Spam software (avoid getting viruses in your inbox)

What to look for in antivirus software (user-friendly and effectiveness)

Which version had 1.5 million downloads last week and over 131 million downloads to date – AVG Free Edition

Popup that tell you that you have a virus more times then not add a virus when you select it. Be careful how you answer those questions. What most people don’t know is that a virus needs human action to start them. So your response is what sets off viruses.

Worms do not need someone to start them. They can allow malicious users to tunnel into your system to take control. to get free antivirus software and spyware software. No one should have the excuse they can’t afford antivirus because there are free versions. This free versions are usually for home users. Businesses have to pay.

Biggest misconception is that because it comes with the computer or it is well known it is good. Like other consumer products you are paying for the name. They are more expensive and although they are on the top 10 list they slow down computers and cost sometimes twice as much as some of the better ones.

If you currently have an antivirus program you may want to see how well it is working. You can run a free scan from to see if it picks up any ones your antivirus missed. Trend Micro in previous years has been the #1 but recently it has moved down the list but still is in the top 5 usually.

ad-aware had over 562,000 downloads last week and 306 million to date – this is free spyware software. Sometimes the spyware can be just as destructive as a virus. I had one last week that corrupted Internet explorer, the users profile, and their desktop. This should be run weekly also.

List of viruses - or

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