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Monday, July 28, 2008

Episode 65 How to Promote your Podcast with Rss Feeds--Breakfast or Lunch?

Just a podcast to get your feet wet on How To build your own RSS Feeds to promote your talkcast or podcast.

Biographical Information
Carl Weisbrod

~ Vita Abstract ~

Occupation: Psychotherapist, Author, Web-Based Consultant
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology,
Doctorate in Neurotechnology
Schools: Oregon State University; Southern Oregon College;
University of Wisconsin; Western Washington State College;
Williams Institute of Neurotechnology
Published: Structures Of Hypnotism; Conceptual Problem Solving;
Problem Solving Workbook; (refer to for
additional titles)

Some of the things we talk about:
How to promote with RSS
Feed Validator
From Wikipedia about the guy who pretty much made RSS happen:
Dave Winer (born May 2, 1955 in Brooklyn, New York City, USA) is an American software developer and entrepreneur in Berkeley, California. A pioneer in the areas of RSS (Really Simple Syndication)[1], XML-RPC, OPML, outliners, and the MetaWeblog API, he is also the author of Scripting News, one of the oldest weblogs, established in 1997.[2] [3], He is both an evangelist of RSS as "Really Simple Syndication" and the first to implement the feed "enclosure" feature, one of several necessary ingredients for podcasting at the time it first emerged[4].
Talkshoe profile for Carl Weisbrad

Our Guest Carl Weisbrad Info:

Screen Name: AskCarl
Overview: Refer To My Catalog:
SHOWS: (1) ShoeString E-Commerce ID#5757 (2) The Website - Template or Do-It-Yourself? ID#17085 (3) The Essential RSS Feed ID#7249 (4) The Essential Website Catalog ID#7216 (5) E-Books: PDF or HTML? ID#7176 (6) Hypnotism, Mythology, & Esoteric Topics ID#7267 (7) LifeStyles of the Poor and Unknown ID#7265 Website:

Some of Carl’s messages that he uses to promote: I'll help you with the foundation, the rest is up to you.. Check out the "WhatsNewToday" link and subscribe using the TalkShoe RSS Feed at the top of that webpage.

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