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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Episode 61--Podcamp Pittsburgh

These are Melissa Sorg's notes from Episode 61 on Podcamp Pittsburgh which will be held in October of this year, 2008.

Name: Melissa Sorg
Education: BA English Literature; Thiel College
Profession: Paralegal

How did I get involved with PodCamp Pittsburgh: My husband, Michael
Sorg, does a podcast entitled the Wrestling Mayhem Show on Tuesday
nights at 8:00 p.m. He works as a video editor with Multimedia

Training Systems, and used to work with PodCamp Pittsburgh

host/creator Justin Kownacki. Mike attended the first PodCamp and
wanted to be part of the event planning. We started going to planning
meetings for PodCamp Pittsburgh. I tagged along with him to the
meetings. As I attended more meetings, I began to see the bigger
picture and started offering to help out where I could. I have since
become part of the PodCamp Pittsburgh community.

What do I do in the Social Media arena: I started an advice podcast
in 2006ish entitled the Missfit Advice Hour.

My husband was doing the

Mike had Wrestling Mayhem show and wanted to get me involved in my own way.
Our friends had always joked about how good my advice is, so we
started the Missfit Advice Hour. I took e-mail questions and qustions
via AOL Instant Messenger and answered them. When we were getting
ready to move into our new home, the Advice Hour took a back seat to
everything and fizzled away. I occasionally help my husband out with
the Wrestling Mayhem Show podcast/videocast that he does on Tuesday
nights. We (my husband and I) have discussed bringing the Missfit
Advice Hour back using some of the new media sources to assist with
the show.

It is presently in the organizational phase, and we've been
thinking about rolling it out in conjunction with PCPgh 3. I have an
online blog at I am on Twitter, Facebook
and MySpace. When I'm in an area where I have limited connectivity, I
find myself slightly freaking out because I'm unconnected!

PodCamp highlights:
- PodCamp is for people of all technological levels, from beginners to
intermediate to expert.
- People can find out more information at
- Registration is open, and can be done through
- PodCamp will address how new media is useful to both individuals and
- PodCamp will address various facets of new media, including
blogging, vlogging, messaging, etc.

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