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Monday, July 14, 2008

Episdoe 63 Crap that you can Clean off your computer

These are Tammy Green's notes for Episdoe 63, Crap that you can Clean off your computer.

Bloatware is software that is factory installed into a pc without you, the customer asking for it.
Software companies pay PC vendors like Dell, HP, eMachines and Gateway to install their applications on new computers, hoping to gain new customers or persuade users to upgrade to a new current version.
Examples of some bloatware makers would be AOL, McAfee, Yahoo, and the largest undisputed leader in bloatware is Wild Tangent, followed by Microsoft, Symantec and Google.
Wild Tangent will throw as many games in your face as possible in hopes that you may get addicted to one. With the exception of Acer, all the pc manufacturers deal with Wild Tangent.
In addition to Microsoft money, many pcs now have a 60 day trial of Microsoft Office. Research shows that office uses the common files associations so that after 60 day trial you will need to pay between $300-500 to open up that word or power point document.
The most annoying is McAfee and Symantec with their countless setup and configuration problems

When looking at the bloatware database, Gateway is the leader with 22 different installed bloatware applications. (GO TO GRAPH)

The question is, what is really junk that you can remove versus which programs are valuable and keep the computer running smoothly.

* Stuff you can freely delete: Most, if not all, new PCs and Macs come with programs to connect you with various online services. Easy Internet Sign-up, America Online, Netscape Online, MSN etc.
If you want to try them, great. If not, delete them. Ditto for any other offer for online services or Internet connections that you don't want or feel that you will never use.

* Free trials: This would include a trial including anything you get that’s offered as a free trial or demo version of some program. Keep something to check it out only if you're interested. If you're not interested, remove it.

Be careful how you remove things!
In Windows, always use the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs applet.
The Currently installed programs list in the Add or Remove Programs tool lists all of the Windows-compatible programs that have an uninstall program or feature.
Peruse the list that's displayed, and uninstall anything there that you don't want. If you're unsure about something, phone the dealer and ask what it is or whether you need it. Or you can use Google and research the information yourself. Then, uninstall!

Also, after removing from Add/Remove programs applet, navigate to C:\Program
Files and remove any orphan folders left over by a weak uninstaller program.
Dell took notice earlier this year when customers and the media reiterated complaints over the glut of crapware, or preinstalled PC software, packaged with new computers.

Before starting any type of pc "cleanup" I strongly suggest you Back up first !!

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