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Monday, July 7, 2008

Episode 62, XP or Vista? Don’t we have a choice in this?

Episode 62, XP or Vista? Don’t we have a choice in this?
Or is Microsoft trying to tell us what we want and need again?

Ken Doerbecker, President and Founder
Founder of Perfection Services, Inc. (PSI) a systems integration firm providing outsourced “IT Department” services to small and medium size businesses in the Pittsburgh area. Also, founding partner of WeirNet LLC, an international Internet Service Provider with over 2,000 customers; AdvantEdge Works, providing technical and marketing services in a comprehensive integrated package; and, FreeAir Networks, providing digital TV and Broadband services to private apartment complexes. Prior to these ventures, Ken spent twenty-six years managing IBM's Service, Support, and Education both internally and to their customers across many functional and geographic areas. Experienced in:
Perfection Services, Inc. (PSI) is headquartered in Wexford, PA and has been providing an array of computer support and services to businesses in and around the Pittsburgh community since 1993.

PSI’s specializes in everything you need to professionally manage your IT infrastructure.—Server and Network Management On-Site and Remote Technical Support, IT Management, Application & Web Development, Work Station Support & Repair, Web Hosting and more. As a local provider with national capabilities, PSI is a Microsoft Registered Partner and a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist.

• Consulting to Fortune 100 senior executives on business strategy, problem solving and financial operating plans on an international basis.
• Development of back-office applications supporting small/medium size businesses.

Questions About:

Noteworthy Accomplishments in the Pittsburgh Area
• PSI selected by the Pittsburgh Technology Council as a 2007 Tech 50 Finalist
• PSI selected by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in 2007 as one of the Top 50 best small businesses to work in.
• PSI has been selected as one of Pittsburgh's 100 Fastest Growing Companies in 4 of the last 8 years.
• PSI awarded the Pittsburgh Technology Council's "Best Practices Award" in 1998 - one of only 4 companies to have received this honor.
• Ken forged a joint venture between IBM and CCAC forming the Pittsburgh Center for Professional Development to deliver professional technical education.

What's the overall acceptance of Windows Vista been since it's introduction a year ago?

Comments on Quote from Survey from PC World Magazine . “(More than 3500 people completed the survey, and 83 percent of them are unhappy with Microsoft's move.)”

Can you expand on the compatibility issues?

How about performance? Will my PC run better using Vista
Memory—bizarre amount needed.

Are there other issues our listeners should know about?

So what are your recommendations?

But I heard that Windows XP is no longer available as of July 1. What can you do about that?

Ken Doerbecker info:

Ken Doerbecker
perfection services, inc.

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