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Monday, March 21, 2011

TechnoGrannyShow, Burnt Water Cook's Kitchen Guide,


215 pages complete with the science of cooking, measuring, hints, tips & hazards, all written for those with limited time, kitchen skills or knowledge, using readily available pantry items.  

If you are one of the millions of hard-working folk who find themselves tuckered out at the end of the day and still must prepare food for your family, this is the cookbook for you.

This book is chock-full of great, simple ideas that will make your cooking less of a chore and more of a delight.

There are many "Kid Friendly" recipes included. Look for the smiley face and let the children join in on the fun of creating tasty things to eat.

This book is full of the unexpected and the unusual, all using readily available ingredients. There are lots of very simple, easy ideas and recipes.


"Just what the working person needs."

It was easy, I already had all the fixin's"

"This book stays on my counter."

The cookbook is unusual in several ways. It does not address the trends of
"organic," "natural," "dietary," or other modern-day concerns. It deals with
simple, wholesome workaday survival using standard pantry items assembled in
unique or unusual ways.  There are many "kid friendly" recipes as well as a
complete guide to the basic science of food handling, preparation,
presentation and storage, all with an emphasis on health and safety and all
written in common ordinary everyday language. The subtitle pretty much says
it all.

Highlights of the cookbook include two of my favorite recipes. I have also
sent those pages as attachments (103 & 206).

Personal Contact info:
David J. Michaelson
DBA Emjay Publishing
PO Box 402
Harrington, WA  99134 (pop. 400)
(509) 253-4798

Personal info:
Born 4/30/1943
Glendale, CA
270 pounds
Athletic history: Volleyball, baseball & softball, exhibition diving.
Trade/Professional skills: General Contractor, Furniture/cabinetmaker,
Calligrapher, Trailer manufacturer (welding, fabrication, fiberglass,
painting), Umpire & referee, Chef & restaurant owner, US Navy patternmaker
(E-5), Writer in the following genres: Culinary, Science Fiction, Adventure
(military), Children's and the occasional erotic piece when money becomes an
issue.  And, most recently, a care partner in my wife's slow recovery from a
debilitating stroke four years ago.

Last, but not least, the recipient of the Silver Medal in the non-fiction
How To category by the MWSA.
Listen to the actual archived show at:
Original recordin October 11, 2010

(c) Joanne Quinn-Smith and TechnoGrannyShow 2010

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