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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TechnoGrannyShow, BizyDeal, Let's Make a Deal

Techno Granny, BizyDeal, Let's Make a Deal!
Time: 04/11/2011 10:00 AM EDT
Episode Notes: Techno Granny finds a great NEW DEAL site. Small Businesses Win, Consumers Win, BizyDeal is the small business owners answer to Groupon and Living Social. Get on the beta train of BizyDeal, make deals, find deals. Increase your spendable dollar or get new business. Bizy's the Daily Deal Industry's First Dedicated Small-Business Deal Site! Guest: Gary Slacker, Bizy co-founder whose b-to-b marketing services agency, Slack and Company, helped launch eBay Business, eBay's small-business portal, and has done small-business marketing for nearly a dozen other firms, including Google and PayPal.

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“For many small business owners, what they save can be a big part of what they earn,” Slack noted. “We’re shaping Bizy to be an attractive alternative purchasing channel for millions of small-business owners for a wide array of products and services—office equipment and supplies, IT network equipment, software and hardware, mobile communications devices, shipping, payroll services, legal and accounting services, travel, car rental, banking, credit cards, insurance and more.”

Gary Slack
Chief Experience Officer
Gary finds ways to achieve his goals. He started Slack and Company (then under a different name) back in 1988 with just one client. During a recession. While his wife was pregnant with their second son. This year, Gary is celebrating the agency’s 22nd anniversary.

Gary has earned several Agency of the Year nods, not to mention landing on BtoB Magazine’s list of the “Top 100 Influential People in Business-to-Business Marketing.” But to him, what matters most is developing strong brands and achieving measurable results for his clients.

Before he founded the agency, Gary spent 11 years in senior management roles at Omnicom agencies Doremus & Co. and Porter Novelli. Fresh out of college, he worked as a reporter for a newspaper in his native New Mexico.

Gary is also involved in the local business community, most notably as two-time past president of the Business Marketing Association’s Chicago chapter. And he served as chairman of BMA National’s executive committee for the 2009-2010 program year. He’s also on the boards of both the Economic Club of Chicago and the Chicago Council for Science and Technology. Oh, and if you ever find yourself at the Chicago Botanic Garden on the weekend, keep an eye out for Gary, hunched over one of the garden’s rarer specimens.

  • Started Slack and Company to focus on the BtoB niche, which was under represented in the communications industry.
  • As a client, eBay looked to Slack and Company to help launch eBay Small Business. Slack and Company was selected as the agency to help launch the program because of the breadth and depth of experience focusing on and working within the BtoB community
  • Gary Slack becomes the national chairman of the Business Marketing Association (BMA)
  • Leveraging a combined XX years of experience, Gary Slack and Lou Friedmann launch <> , a company focused on group/daily deal savings for the small business/entrepreneurial community. 
“We believe our deep understanding of the b-to-b space gives us a leg up on consumer-focused deal sites that might wish to expand into b-to-b,” Slack said. “We know how to efficiently reach large volumes of small business owners, and we also know and have relationships with hundreds of enterprise and middle-market marketers whose job is to grow their small-business customer base.”
How it Works, Right from the website
How Bizy Works
Simple name, simple to use. Just follow these simple steps to get a bizy deal.
1.  Sign up to receive an email when there is a new and interesting bizy deal, or look for invites from friends, colleagues, advertisements, or directly from our website. You don’t want to be the last to know!
2.  When you see an offer you like, purchase it. There’s a big “buy now” button.
3.  Some of the bizy deals only work if the supplier receives a minimum number of purchases, so be sure to forward the offer to people in your network who you know will want it too. Once you have purchased a bizy deal, we will send you a link which you can forward to friends and colleagues to let them know.

4.  Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation of the great bargain you’ve just purchased! Print it and take it with you to the supplier or quote the reference number featured in the email to redeem your offer.
If you have any questions check our FAQs or contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Listen to the archived show at:  

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