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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Technology We Couldn't Wait for in Years Gone By

Christmas Technology We Couldn't Wait For
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Hosted by: technogranny
Title: Techno Granny, Christmas Technology We Couldn't Wait For
Time: 12/20/2010 10:00 AM EST
Episode Notes: TechnoGranny, Joanne Quinn-Smith and NannoGranny, JoAnn Forrester, host of EmpressofBiz, are at it again. In the past years, Christmas has traditionally been an opportune time to roll out new "must have" technology so that we all had the opportunity to keep up with the Jones's. Hear Joanne and JoAnn talk about the technological excitement of Christmas's past. In the words of a former Game Show Host, is there a new Maytag Washer and Dryer or Amana Frost Free Refrigerator in Your Future? Call ins and blog comments welcome. Check out the TechnoGrannyShow blog at:

Technology has always made great gifts for Christmas. Getting the next big thing or the new and improved for Christmas has been a major source of excitement for us all. With this in mind, what better way to market technology then to do so in time for the holiday? Some start advertising the latest and greatest toys and technologies as early as summer to get us to add these things as must-haves on our Christmas list. Apparently this tactic has worked because every year Christmas is technology prime time. Each year has brought us improvements or something altogether new making some gifts bigger while others smaller, some less expensive while others more but always advertised as better than those that came before. Technological Christmas gifts have made our lives easier in many ways and some would argue just more fun!! Consider the following:

Washing and Cooking:
·         Younger generations know nothing about the hand scrub board because the wringer washer replaced it.
·         Then came the automatic washers and dryers we could throw the clothes in and forget!
·         Chlorox bleach came on the scene and out went boiling diapers.
·         No more slaving over manual mixers in glass bowls because electric mixers freed us from that!

Math, Computers, and Cameras:
·         The abacas was replaced by the calculators the youth seem so dependent upon.
·         We ditched Polaroid cameras and Brownie Instamatic Cameras for the much more sophisticated digital camera.
·         The room sized Main frame computers that were way too big to take residence in a house were streamlined down to PC size so we could all have one at home!

Radio, Television, and Music:
·         The floor model radio and the huddle around them was a thing of the past as the transistor radio was brought to our homes.
·         What a huge deal when we went from black and white round televisions to 17 inch, mahogany cabinet, color TVs!
·         The arrival of Cable Television was monumental!
·         Vinyl records became 8 tracks, 8 tracks became cassette tapes, cassette tapes became CDs, and CDs have become mp3s. What’s next?
·         When VHS showed up this was a major deal and now we’ve moved on to dvds!

·         Having a cassette player in your car was huge but having Cd players and satellite radios in our cars is even bigger!
·         Boy was it quite the gear shift when we went from manual transmissions to automatic transmission and automatic steering!

Video Games:
·         There were arcade games like Pacman, Space Invader, and Pinball machines that we loved so much and then the ability to play video games at home changed that.
·         Having an Atari was of epic proportions until Sega Genesis came and both have been replaced by such gaming systems as the Wii.

Luggage and watches:
·         Move over cardboard and wood luggage because Samsonite has brought us indestructible luggage!!
·         Timex really is still ticking; from wind up to self winding to LED Quartz watches and back again.

Christmas itself:
·         Remember when the Christmas tree was adorned with candles, then big, bulky bulbs before the arrival of the tiny Christmas lights we’ve come to know?
·         Before the vinyl figurines that need only be blown up to display our Christmas spirit on the front lawn, men hand carved these nativity scenes.
·         Electric trains weren’t always electric and they didn’t always light up. In yesteryear they had to be wound up and only went for so long befor they had to be wound up again.
Empress of Biz thought for the day:
Think you got holiday stress? Just think of Mrs. Claus..she got 1000 elves to feed each day and buy gifts for, bake 12,000 cookies, make sure the reindeer are behaving (they’re an ornery bunch) and buy for the man who has everything....Ho Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Technogranny and the Nannogranny!

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