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Monday, August 17, 2009

TechnoGrannyShow, Michelle Cutler, Hi-Definition TV Makeup Tech

 Talking points:
> I think the most obvious would be television's change to Hi-def, and
> the changes in makeup techniques and/or thickness that it has
> required.
> This would include lightening up the look, more blending, and
> employing air brush makeup application.

Michelle Cutler
Makeup Artist
(917) 359-0452


Michelle Cutler has been a professional in the makeup industry for over 20 years, with an extensive background in all media.

Upon obtaining her certification in her hometown of Miami, FL, she quickly became a much sought after makeup artist. After gaining experience with photographers and television programming in the South Florida area, she re-located to New York.

Once in New York, Michelle became a favorite freelancer of the major television networks, providing makeup services from national news shows to soap operas to entertainment. In 1993, she was made Key makeup artist of ABC’s Good Morning America, where she made up not only the anchors, but all guests appearing on the show as well. As a result of this exposure, her work began gracing the covers of various top magazines and book jackets. She has been quoted in several magazine beauty articles as well.

In 1998, Michelle continued to Key other shows with a growing list of personal clients in both the news and entertainment industries.

From 2002 until 2008, Michelle was on staff at CNN, working with the various anchors and guests that appear on the Network. She also continues her freelance work with private clients. She is known as an expert in perfectly matching colors to clients and having a light hand.

Michelle offers a wide variety of services, from the softest of looks for the blushing bride to special FX. She is fully experienced in new technologies such as air brushing and hi-def television.

Michelle lives in Riverdale, NY, with her husband, Emmy award winning makeup artist Alan Cutler, and their two daughters.

Michelle Cutler
Makeup Artist
(917) 359-0452 IATSE Local 798


Good Morning America Staff Makeup Artist
Behind Closed Doors with Anderson Cooper 360
Joan Lunden Connie Chung Tonight
The View Showbiz Tonight
All My Children Larry King Live
One Life to Live Paula Zahn Now
20/20 Nancy Grace Show
World News with Peter Jennings Campbell Brown Show
What Would You Do? 2008 Election Coverage


Later Today
Conan O’Brien Show
Rosie O’Donnell Show
CBS This Morning
As The World Turns
60 Minutes
Eye to Eye with Connie Chung
Geraldo Show
Ananda Lewis Show

Various magazine covers, ads, book jackets, publicity shots and promos for a wide variety of celebrities. Names available on request.
Photographers: Annie Leibovitz, Andrew Eccles, Theo Westenberger, Timothy White,
George Lange, George Holz, Stephen Danelian, Bob Lasky

INTERVIEWS & QUOTES; Allure, People. And In-Style Magazines

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