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Saturday, August 1, 2009

TechnoGrannyShow, 25 Things to Hate About Facebook or Love with Joan Stewart, Publicity Hound

If you don’t have a penny to spend on advertising but you want the world to know about your product, service, cause or issue on Facebook, you’ll get lots of advice this morning.
Joan Stewart, also known as The Publicity Hound, will tell you how to use world’s largest social networking site to create a presence for yourself online, promote your expertise, and build your tribe.
Joan’s own promotion campaign started at age 10 when her hometown newspaper wrote a story about a blue ribbon she won for a 4-H sewing project at the Ohio State Fair. Today, she works as a media consultant and publishes her own print newsletter as well as a free on-line newsletter called The Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week.
--Are there, indeed, 25 things you hate about Facebook?
You can find the video on YouTube.)
---What do you think are the top 3 or 4 most confusing things about Facebook, and can you help clear up the confusion for us?
Facebook URL
Where’s the Wall?
Limits to 5,000 friends, but no limit on fans
- --If so many people hate Facebook, why is it important for small business people to have a Facebook profile, or is it enough just to Twitter?
Instead of free offers, create a note with tips from your free offer.
---What’s the best way for people to promote their businesses on Facebook?
Creating Pages.)
Most small business owners are short on time. How much time do people need to spend each day on Facebook?
Be disciplined, update your status. Check Inbox.
---What’s the best kind of content to share on Facebook?
---What’s the best way to measure the return on investment?
---Do you have a special offer you can share with our listeners?
Special Offer for Techno Granny Listeners, Until July 29, 2009

½ off on Facebook Info Product if you mention Techno Granny Show, June 29, 2009. Call or e-mail only, Joan would love to connect with you.
Joan Stewart
The Publicity Hound
Contact info: or 262-284-7451 or follow me on Facebook at
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