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Monday, March 30, 2009

TechnoGrannyShow, SearchEngineOptimization with Sam Shabaan of NuRelm

Sam Shaaban is the CEO of Uniontown-based NuRelm. NuRelm is a 10 year old, venture funded Internet software and services firm specializing in high-traffic interactive Web sites, content managed hosting, and SEO.

Sam developed an integrated suite of e-business software for the mid-market during NuRelm’s early stages. Prior to starting NuRelm Sam designed computer chips for IBM, where, at age 24, he earned his first patent. Sam is recognized as an expert in the design, creation, and integration of Web-based database systems, and has been a guest speaker at numerous industry conferences and university seminars, including national NCMPR and ASTD conferences, MIT Enterprise Forum, the Pittsburgh Technology Council, the Better Business Bureau, and the Entrepreneur’s Growth Conference.

Sam holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the West Virginia Institute of Technology and an MBA in Operations Management and Finance from Syracuse University, where he received a full academic scholarship and was awarded the Master’s Prize for Academic Excellence.

SEO Questions for Sam:

1. We all hear this acronym, SEO, thrown around a lot. Can you give us a simple definition of what, exactly, it means?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization, basically means the practice of making your Web site easier to find with search engines. The easier it is to find, the higher the Web site ranks in organic searches. Organic searches results are the ones that show up on the left side of the search result page.

2. Is SEO something a small business owner on a limited budget could do himself, or does it take a higher level of knowledge and skill than a traditional small business person may possess?

SEO is something that all business owners can learn about and should learn about. There is a plethora of articles and resources on the Web today that explain actions that can be taken to increase SEO. However, it can be a time-consuming task. With time being one of the things business owners do not have much of, a professional company can step in and help out. Some Web design firms, like NuRelm, offer SEO services or have access to partners that do.

3. What are the keys to a successful SEO campaign?

All search engines employ different algorithms, making a clear-cut path to SEO impossible. However, there are some general guidelines to follow.
• Make sure that content is keyword-rich, mentions locations/regions served, and is fresh and compelling.
• Check links through out the site periodically to ensure that none are broken or outdated.
• Build links to your site from other reputable sites.
Always keep site navigation streamlined and easy to understand

• What are some good resources to find out more about how to increase your site traffic?
B2B marketing sites
• Online marketing workshops/seminars/webinars
• Your Web developer
• Free publications and article submission sites
• NuRelm also offers articles on SEO practices in our Virtual Library and the monthly eNewsletter Internet Innovations.

If you simply don’t have the time or the knowledge to run your own SEO campaign, what is the ballpark cost to hire a firm like NuRelm to do it for you?

All firms and freelancers vary in price. However, NuRelm has packages that start at $150/month for up to two hours of maintenance and monitoring. The packages, which are explained on, go up to $500/month for up to 10 hours. The price will always be decided by budgets available and how much you wish to receive out of the site. For example, national and international campaigns are going to require much more time than a business that only serves locally and regionally. The type of industry will also determine the amount of time required ongoing that should be invested in the SEO strategy.

5. Last question: Since we are all in a severe recession, money is tight, a lot of businesses are closing or at least scaling back to weather the storm, what can we do to generate sales leads right now in the most quantifiable, cheapest way possible?
Start a Linked In account, this will help by making connections online and getting the word out about your business.
Non-profits can create Wikipedia entries explaining the histories, missions, and goals of their organizations. For-profit entries are usually deleted upon creation.
Submit your content to Google.
If you have online products for sale, you can add your products to Google's product search for free.
Blog about topics that support you as an expert, which may drive traffic and business to you.

Sam Shaaban is CEO/Co-Founder of NuRelm, Inc, a successful 10-year-old Internet software and services firm that specializes in affordable Web solutions designed to increase sales and cut costs.


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