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Monday, March 2, 2009

Techno Granny Show, Can You Hear Me Now? All About Hearing Aids

Episode 94, March 2, 2008 Techno Granny Show
Techno Granny; Can You Hear Me Now? All about Hearing Aids
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Dr. Suzanne Yoder, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology and Owner of HearWell Center
Located in Forest Hills
2400 Ardmore Blvd, Suite 4
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
412 271-3002

Hearing aids are instruments that aid and enhance hearing loss. They are not a cure for hearing loss. They only have value to the person with hearing loss if the patient has been appropriately treated. What I mean to say is that the more important factor in obtaining correct hearing devices is the audiologist servicing and providing the hearing aid. The patient needs to be diagnosed properly to ensure there are no medical factors restricting the use of hearing devices and to rule out repairable damage to the ear (such as a ruptured eardrum or middle ear infection) that would lead to medical referrals.
After proper diagnosis the patient's lifestyle, needs and expectations are examined to determine the best match in technology and style. Once the patient has been counseled on the best device options and the devices are ordered, the patient is fit with their hearing aids, instructed on use and care of the devices and monitored closely for several months to assess whether or not the devices are helping them reach their goals and meeting their expectations.
Technical points:
Hearing aids are like a mini computer. They are set to the patient's hearing loss (and are not appropriate for anyone but that patient) with a great deal of precision. Hearing aids can be fine-tuned by frequency (pitch) and loudness as well as sensitivity to noise and wind. The number of fine-tuning options varies within the product line of every manufacturer.
Hearing aids are told when and how to help wearers in use of the phone, hearing in background noise or perhaps even listening to music.
Some hearing aids are programmed to automatically process for all different environments and some have manual buttons and controls for the patient to select different settings for different enviroments.
Hearing aids can also couple with any number of audio devices. It is now possible to connect to iPods, Cell phones and bluetooth devices wirelessly as well as the television and landline phone. Some would call the devices a hearing system because you can now have the option to connect to all the sounds in your world that YOU want to connect to. When I was a little girl I wished with all my heart to hear music through my hearing aids... now it's possible! Hearing aids have more flexibility than ever before and they are smaller than ever before too. It is a very exciting time to be an audiologists.

Other points:
How directional microphones help hearing in background noise.
How hearing aids can cancel out feedback.
How hearing aids can reduce the feeling of being "plugged up"
Return/refund policies commonly found.
Why hearing aids are expensive.

Types of hearing aids:
Hearing aids that don’t look like hearing aids – such as the Bluetooth gear.
Hearing aids are very cosmetically appealing and the new styles do not plug up the ear. - (Old hearing aids used to feel like a plug.)
Better technology in hearing aids improve hearing in background noise, reduce wind noise on microphone, reduce whistle (called feedback) issues with cancellation technology and more.
Hearing aids vs hearing systems. Now you can buy hearing devices that will connect you with several other devices – phone, tv, cell phone, radio, etc.
Safety issues in regards to hearing – hearing the smoke detector, hearing the phone or the door, hearing oncoming traffic, sirens and other alerts both in and outside the house.
Untreated hearing loss affects family members – they become the interpreter; they have to take calls – they may resent it; feel angry; feel sad at the loss of independence of their loved one, etc.
HearWell Center, located in Forest Hills, PA, provides the highest standard of care to patients with, or at high risk to hearing and vestibular disorders, in a respectful, friendly and professional environment. Audiologist Dr. Yoder maximizes the patient experience and enhances quality of life through individual-based audiology services including hearing tests, diagnostics, education, counseling, treatments, rehabilitation and devices (such as hearing aids, hearing protection assistive devices and alerting devices). Find out more.
Questions thru chat accepted.
col clear implant .
elecrtromaganetic radiowaves

i have there's 9 deaf members in my family . and 2 brothers , and one sister. also deaf

one of my brothers has the col clear im plant . well he hears the best . not perfect but pretty good
< yes we just got the door bell hooked to the light on my other brothers house

a link to the voice to skull hearing . you can look at it later if you want .

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