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Monday, March 23, 2009

TechnoGrannyShow, How to Learn and Profit from Teleseminars

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Barbara Schwarck, Founder PCC, CPCC, MPIA, MSP

Barbara Schwarck has a rare set of skills, enabling her to deliver powerful coaching, trainings and keynotes to a wide variety of people interested in clarifying, identifying and achieving goals. As a business professional and entrepreneur, Barbara has the insight to achieve quick and lasting success for your associates, with a focus on bottom-line results.

Since success involves the entire person, you can expect Barbara’s coaching to include many perspectives. In addition to being a certified coach, she is certified in NET®. NET or Neuro Emotional Technique is a powerful technology that assists people in aligning body and mind with their goals and aspirations. It leaves people empowered, in action, and producing unprecedented results.

Barbara is not only experienced but also very well trained. She is a coach certified by the Coaches Training Institute, and the first of only three coaches in western Pennsylvania to have PCC credentials from the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is past president of the Pittsburgh Coaches Association, an adjunct professor at Duquesne University’s School of Leadership, and is currently working on a book to assist women with launching a new business.

Barbara’s clients appreciate her results-oriented approach blended with empathy, humor and creativity. In addition to coaching hundreds of individuals from all walks of life, an impressive list signifies Barbara’s status as a preferred provider for employee development. Such clients include Bayer, Bombardier, Lanxess, Heinz, Carnegie Mellon University, Office Depot, and the YWCA.

Teleclasses: How Guests Can Learn from Them and How Business Owners Can Profit from Them
How Business Owners Can Profit from Them:
1. Introduce either a new or existing products or services
2. Market your products or services to an unlimited audience world wide
3. Record teleclasses and post them on your website to create traffic
4. Use your teleclasses as a personal feedback tool
5. Convert teleclasses into podcasts and sell them on your website (if they are great)
6. Use registration information to add participants to email newsletter or other social networking tools such as twitter, facebook, linked in, etc.
7. Use teleclasses as practice for public appearance such as radio, TV or keynote speeches
8. Connect with old clients and convert them into “new” old clients
9. Support existing clients and keep them engaged

How to Make them Good:(otherwise people will not return)
1. Create a great write up
2. Send out guidelines for teleclasses to participant after they register be sure to get their phone number and email address:
• Be sure to have the correct bridge telephone number(308-377-8200)and access (pin) number(892#) before the time for the call.
• Eliminate all distractions and loud background noise before the call.
• Turn off call waiting.
• Use your mute button or the *6 function when you are not speaking to further eliminate background distractions.
• Don’t use car phones, cordless phones and speaker phones. They frequently cause feedback and static that can disrupt the call.
• Call at the appropriate time. If you are the first person on the call you’ll hear dead air. DON’T HANG UP. Just wait until the next caller comes on. You’ll hear one short beep for people calling in and two short beeps for people hanging up.
• When you call, if you are not the first person on the line, you will hear others on the line. Wait to be greeted and introduce yourself.
• When you speak, give your first name before making your comments.
• Don’t put the call on hold if you have music or other recorded items on your hold feature. If you do, the other participants will hear your music until you return. Either use your mute button or hang up and then call back.
• If you leave the call before the end, you don’t need to announce you are leaving. Just hang up.
3. Send reminders (I recommend several times)
4. Practice with a friend
5. Introduce yourself and the name of the class
6. Prepare a specific outline
7. Allow time for people to share and interact
8. Be sure to have a “call to action”
9. Follow up with a handout or some promotional item that relates to the class
10. Announce your next class
Barbara Schwarck, PCC, MPIA, is the President of Clear Intentions, Inc. an international people development company. To lead and launch people and organization to manifest their goals and dreams, she uses a cutting edge coaching method called Coaching Plus NET®. Coaching Plus NET aligns body, heart and mind with one’s goals. It is the secret to success because it assists people to achieve rapid success and lasting positive change. She can be reached through or at 412-242-3971.

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