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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TEchno Granny Show, Techno Granny on Techno Resolutions for 2009

This show was originally recorded on January 5, 2009 on the Talk Shoe Network and can be accessed at: or at on Techno Granny Show™ unique channel.

Techno Granny Show™; Techno Granny™ on Techno Resolutions for 2009

You have resolutions to lose weight, make more money, get organized, spend less money, and do more business. Except for losing weight, I believe I have covered resolutions that will help you with most of these. Who knows if you are calmer, less stressed, better protected and more organized, maybe you will lose weight too! These are Techno Granny Suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions that you can keep and use.

1. Deal with Spam:
Monty Python has done comedy sketches on Spam, which refer specifically to the meat, which is a canned product put out by Hormel. Since then, many other uses of the term have emerged and spam on the internet is no joke. The most likely definition is undesirable and/or unsolicited e-mail in your in box, on your mobile phone, on your forum, blogs, wikis or guest books.
These are just two ways to deal with spam that will not cost you anything, I am for free, and one is Adaware available at:
You can also Remove spyware with SPYWAREfighter—only 30 Days for free that I can see!
If your computer started to suddenly slow down or do you begin to see pop-up windows, even when you're not browsing the Internet? You may be the victim of spyware or other unwanted software. For additional info: Techno Granny Show, Fighting Spam--Is this a Canned Show? 1-14-2008

2. Get Content Management for Your Website:
Robert Faletti, Blue Archer talked about websites He discussed: Key words, page titles, content; Key words on every page. He also stressed that content must be relevant, which means updating.
Robert Faletti recommends leave behind content management—no programming experience needed. Robert Faletti discusses why he would essentially engage in this arena when it precludes his company going back to maintain the website. Clients are so pleased that they give him plenty of referrals because of the money he saves them on updating.
Additional info at: Techno Granny Show, No Website? Robert Faletti, Blue Archer on Launch Options, 12-24-2007

3. Clean the crap off your computer! Lots of stuff comes with computer, also are there files you don’t need? As you begin to use the computer and acquire your own files, this could slow your computer down. Also take the time once a month to clean off files you have no need to save.
Additional info at: Techno Granny Show, Crap that You Can Clean off Your Computer, July 14, 2008. Tammy Greene of TJ's Custom Computers talks about preinstalled Bloatware that you can eliminate from your computer.

4. Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft: Identity theft both on line and off is no joke. Hackers may use sites that you trust and impersonate their links and pages to get your pass codes and valuable information. Others may offer you business deals and big winnings. Don’t open e-mails like this even from trusted sites. Most of the sites that you have subscribed to like Pay Pal and even your service provider will have a message or notice section where you can log in with your pass code and get any messages or information you need. Read the statement you agree to, it will tell you that most of these sites will never e-mail you to ask you to update your pass code. Also guard your information when using public Wi-Fi.
Additional info: June 9, Greer Stasko, Pre Paid Legal June 30, 2008

5. Use Technology instead of travel: In the current economy lifestyles change and business travel is costly. There is technology that you can use as an alternative: Webinars, Go to Meeting, Conference Calls, and Web Cam meetings. You can actually have webcam meetings on free services like Mogulus. Dig out that web cam your kids gave you two Christmases ago and learn how to use it. Just a few tips to try: Video Conferencing; Work Via your private network, work via a video conferencing service or facility, Use an on line presentation, Try Audio Teleconferencing, Give an On Line Presentation.
Additional tips discussed on Techno Granny Show, Technical Tactics as Alternatives to Business Travel, June 2, 2008, Author Julie Christie

6. Use Less Gasoline: Yes, the price of gasoline has gone down but for how long and have you thought about the little thing called supply and demand.
Some tips:
· Replace air and fuel filters regularly as instructed by your vehicle’s maintenance manual; change air filter more often if driving in dusty conditions.
· Do not use mid-grade or premium grade gasoline unless specified for your vehicle. Older vehicles may require these grades to avoid "knock" which reduces power and may damage the engine
· Do not rev engine before shutting it off; this wastes fuel and can dilute motor oil, leading to excessive wear on engine parts.
· Remove extra weight from the car; 100 extra pounds may cost 1 mpg. Pack lightly for trips.
Additional tips on Techno Granny Show, Tips on Gasoline Mileage and Fuel Economy, 5-26-2008

7. Take Advantage of Free Stuff you can get on line: Techno Granny Show, Free tech stuff by Two Tech Divas, 4-14-2008 and also 3-3-2008, Techno Granny, PDF on Line Converter, Free 800 Calls, Linked In, Twitter, Open Source Downloads,

8. Protect Your computer from viruses:
· No antivirus program is 100 accurate so doing regular backups are critical. Because of Trojan Horses you need to run a scan at a minimum once a week but ideally daily.
· Ensure your operating system is up to date with essential security patches.
· install a firewall (windows has a firewall and also routers come with a firewall)
· What to look for in antivirus software (user-friendly and effectiveness)
· No excuse for not having virusware and spyware when you can get it for free. Check out:
· Techno Granny Show, Free Virus Ware and Spyware 10-6-2008, Sue Tresatti, Taylored Solutions

9. Dedicate some time to raising your on line identity, if nothing else use your local search engines like Merchant Circle and Open Directory. Techno Granny Show, How to Raise Your On Line Visibility, 3-10-2008

10. Learn to Manipulate RSS Feeds: From Wikipedia about the guy who pretty much made RSS happen:
Dave Winer (born May 2, 1955 in Brooklyn, New York City, USA) is an American software developer and entrepreneur in Berkeley, California. A pioneer in the areas of RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Check him out on Wikipedia and also learn how to get your information out there without driving yourself crazy. Get a start on the topic by listening to: Techno Granny Show, RSS Feeds, Breakfast or Lunch? Gutzy, 2-11-2008 Also 7-28-2008, Techno Granny and the late Carl Weisbrad

Summary: All of this technology is out there for a reason, because someone figured out a way to make things easier, cheaper, quicker and more effective. Now your mission should you choose to accept it is to make some resolutions to use it to simplify your life, improve your business and add to the quality of your fast paced existence.

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