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Monday, February 23, 2009

Techno Granny Show, xInk Digital Pen

This show was originally recorded on 2-23-09 and can be heard archived at:

Notes from the show for those of you who do not own xInk Digital Pen or Live Scribe:

Overview information about Unicentrics system and products. The xInk came from a need of our customers using our case management platform system to be able to efficiently use their time and still be able to use pen and paper while getting all the data into the case management platform system for their organizations needs for reporting and billing.
Let us know if you have any questions and when you would like to touch base with Evan before the interview session.

Evan Indianer Bio:
Consultant and Entrepreneur
Evan has 20+ years of experience as an executive responsible for sales and development of technology solutions in a variety of industries. In 1983, at the age of 13, Evan created Indianer Computer Corporation ("ICC"), a company that offered cutting-edge, full scale technology solutions to some of the world’s most respected businesses and organizations. As President of ICC, he has supervised hundreds of web development and custom software development projects. In 2001, Evan launch Unicentric, a company dedicated to helping people who help people. With Unicentric’s Case Management Platform (CMP), Evan has leveraged technology to bring state of the art technology into social assistance organizations by increasing their capacity to serve the public, manage their organization, and win government, state, and foundation dollars.
Evan was CTO of from 2000 to 2001. Evan sits on committees and technology advisory boards for several philanthropic organizations, including the National Technology Board for United Jewish Communities, the United Jewish Federation and the Carnegie-Mellon University Dean Leadership Council. In 2000, the Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project recognized Evan as one of the "Top 40 under 40" who makes a difference in Pittsburgh. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation named him as one of Pittsburgh's Fifty Finest in recognition of his activity in the community, professional success, and commitment to others through charitable causes. Evan has spoken at numerous non-profit agency retreats. Evan received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (1992).
Throughout his consulting career, Evan has helped organizations bring efficiency and efficacy to their operations yet keep the human touch of providing their services. Evan recognizes the benefit of keeping familiarity for employees while influencing the workflow to eliminate duplication and maximize results.
xInk™ Digital Writing
Certain information is more easily captured the old-fashioned way—on paper with a pen. The xInk Digital Writing system allows entering handwritten information on enabled paper forms (i.e. site visit reports, client assessment, etc.; at any location including in the field). The system leverages innovative technology that places a miniature digital camera in the tip of a pen to capture handwriting strokes as they are written on the page.
When the form is complete, the pen is docked, the information is downloaded and synchronized with the Service xPert database, and handwriting converted into data for management, tracking, and reporting on clients without the need for transcription and manual data entry. Unlike tablet PC solutions, use of the xInk system results in an original paper copy of the completed forms, which may include signatures, and provides a non-intrusive input capability.
• Convert handwritten (even cursive) information into digital data
• Enable automatic reporting against data in forms completed by hand
• Create and preserve original paper copies
• Capture handwritten signatures and include them in the digital records, complying with State and Federal guidelines.

xInk Digital Writing System
“The Magic Pen”
As Easy As 1, 2, 3
1. Print
Print the forms out of the Unicentric system on regular office paper and on standard office laser printers. Print directly from the Unicentric application. There is no ‘special paper’ to purchase. xInk Digital Writing System software simply adds a unique digital pattern in the background of each printed form. To the user, the pattern just looks like a light grayscale. The digital pattern is not visible to the naked eye.
2. Write
Write on the printed form with the xInk Digital Pen the same way you would with any ballpoint pen, because that is what it is - a refillable ball point pen. On the bottom of the pen, next to the ink tip, is a small camera that takes pictures of the digital pattern it sees while the pen writes, constantly recording the absolute position of the pen on the form. The pen isn’t scanning images - it’s capturing the strokes as they’re written on the page, that requires very little memory on the pen to capture hundreds of forms.
3. Process
Instead of having to manually type all the hand written data in to the system, just place the xInk Digital Pen in the included USB docking station or connect via Bluetooth to download the pen’s contents for processing. In the USB docking station, it takes about one second per form page to transmit. The encrypted XML vector file of the pen strokes is transmitted to our server-based system for processing into both an image of the completed form AND into the interpreted data from the form fields.

With both the electronic image of the completed form AND the interpreted data of all the form fields, xInk Digital Writing System server software routes the image and interpreted data directly to the client folder, form and fields. You can capture staff and client signatures.

Evan Indianer
3127 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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