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Thursday, January 1, 2009

TEchno Granny Show, 21st Century Technology, Buzzen, On line Coaching

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BuzZen is the Law of Attraction meets Girls Night Out. We provide products and services that empower women to step into their greatness. We do this through the 4 C's: Coaching, Community, Conscious Gifts, and Contribution. Our primary product is The BuzZen Box which is a creative system of games to give women more "Aha" moments, more insight, more connection with other women and their own spirit. The Buzzen Box was selected to be in the Oscar Goody bags in 2008. Our primary intention is to raise the consciousness of the planet.
Jody England is the Co-Founder and Donna Fleetwood is Head "Beekeeper"

Company Overview:

BuzZen is the marriage of two terms:
Buzz: A feeling of intense enthusiasm, excitement, or exhilaration.
Zen: Emphasizes enlightenment by the most direct possible means. Asserts that enlightenment can be obtained through meditation, self-contemplation, and intuition.

Company Mission:To raise the consciousness level of the planet.
To inspire women to intentionally create lives that are worthy of their true potential. We provide products and services that guide and support the recognition of women’s personal power and foster the joy of sisterhood.
BuzZen is a company that is founded on the principles of contribution and inclusion. We have created BuzZen to appeal to women of all backgrounds, religions and ethnicities and welcome one and all. Through connecting at our deepest level of “sister”, we are all empowered and enriched.
Product: The Buzzen Box- Imagine a 16 week process of creative games to keep you focused and present on a daily basis to everything that is amazing in your life. Each week there is a new game to play on a deep level with 4-6 other women. The Buzzen Box games provide insight, aha moments, and a way to grow in your spirit, relationships, and self awareness. The BuzZen Box is on sale right now at $99 (Thats $25 per participant!). In the box each woman gets Jody's book, "Attraction Actions" which details the games, a deck of Sweeten Your Life Cards, A Buzz Builder CD, and an instructional DVD. In addition, everyone is invited to be on our weekly motivational calls.

Teleclass- Jody and I just finished and recorded a teleclass called "Get Your Business Buzzen" to counteract all the doom and gloom out there. We recorded it and packaged it, so anyone who is feeling fear right now about the market can have a powerful mindset program to listen to. We give practical games and practices to clear out the fear that is paralyzing to some businesswomen.

The Hive - The online Buzzen community. The hive has discussion boards, inspirational blogs and videos, articles, and Buzzen announcements.

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