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Monday, February 18, 2008

Yahoo, Not Just for Teenagers, How Businesses are Using It

Episode 41, Yahoo Not Just for Teenagers

Doug Hammer , a local WSI Internet Consultant.

Doug helps businesses and organizations, understand more clearly how to utilize the power of the internet to help them operate more efficiently and market and communicate more affectively. With 20 years of business and technology experience, Doug Hammer takes the time to learn everything he can about your needs, pains and desires. He explains options in "non-techy" jargon, and then offers customized internet solutions that fit specific needs and budgets.
Through Doug’s relationship with WSI, a global Internet solutions company, he can provide a number of internet based solutions, but specifically focuses in three areas.
a. Websites
b. Email Marketing
c. Internet Advertising (Search Engine Optimization and PayPerClick).

These are the things that we talk about on the show.

Yahoo is increasingly used by business owners for local optimization which is what doug specializes in. You can increase your business by increasing your local visibility.

Yahoo vs. Google

First of all despite the recent news fervor over the hostile take over attempt of Yahoo by MSN, Yahoo still controls 22% of the search engine market which when you consider the billions of searches on the internet is pretty good.

Local Directory

Also Locally there is-a local directory for Yahoo as Yahoo will sometimes find you on its own. So you need to check your information to make sure it is correct. The way to search for your information is to: Key in: name,(comma) City or state. Or Key in: name,(comma) zip code. Also Increase placement for $9.95 not offered by Google. Go to Yahoo site and click “local” for additional info. Yahoo will increase your placement on local results and you can use featured ads. The cost is approximately $10.00 per month.

Search Engine Optimization

Meta tags and meta key words are definitely used but most recently, it’s the Algorithms that matter. It’s no longer the volume of what is done on your site but the relevance and this changes monthly.

These are things that you should be concerned about;

How many links to your site? How long is your site registered for? Do you have articles written about you on other sites?
Doug also speaks about link building campaigns and pay per click advertisement which will seriously enlighten you.
When he speaks bout optimization, he talks about three types: Local, Organic, and sponsored links.

PPC advertising…
Two types:

Manual which can be time consuming but setting it up is free and you can set up your own budget, keeping up with daily changes in key word prevalence is the challenge. Automated system which is a paid program where you can still pay budget but the system does the work for you in adapting to industry specific key words. You can also then check your reports and you have good marketing information at your service also.

Doug Hammer’s information:

Doug Hammer
WSI Internet Consultant
Skype - hammerwsi
724-355-5359 - Phone

106 Stardust Court
Renfrew, PA 16053 (outside of Butler)
412-774-2375 - Fax

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