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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Debbie Ducic of "Gutzy Women" on Why Women Should Rule the Internet and the Beatury of RSS Feeds

What an amazing year 2008 is turning out to be! The process of getting clear about what you want and then putting it out into the universe is an amazing thing! Taking decisive ACTION on the opportunities that show up as a result of that process is the trick isn't it? I say decisive because we are given the choice to take advantage of them, give them a miss or put them asidefor "the right time".

But it's so hard to know which isthe best choice or which is the "right" choice, wouldn't you agree? So sometimes we just FREEZE and don't do or say anything at it never happened. We don't followup with people to give them the answers they need in atimely fashion. We bury thoughts about taking necessary actions. We come up with excuses so convincing we even believe them ourselves. Hey, I'm guilty of it! We're just human, after all. That's why I choose a higher power to tap into, to have faith in, to turn to. Sometimes I call it the "field of possibilities" or "the universe", or "the light" or "supreme intelligence" or God. It doesn't matter to me what name I give It.

What matters is my immense faith in that higher power to provide, guide and love me. I am constantly AMAZED at how well that works for me! And I am EXTREMELY grateful., I don't want to give you the idea that my life is all fun and games! Like you, I have plenty of "challenges" going on and I ask forgiveness on a regular basis. But because of my faith, I don't remain stuck, because eventhough I might not always make the "right" choices, or take the "best" action based on what I know today, I trust that things will work out for my highest good and forthe highest good of those who are in my life and my world.

Please know that my PASSION is and has been for many years of my life, about creating a world where men and women are loved, respected, included and valued EQUALLY. Every now and then I think we're actually making progress! And I'll tell you why... Having been involved in TONS of community efforts to bring positive change into the world of "women's issues" over the last 30 years, never before have I witnessed such a gathering of women and enlightened men across the world joining forces, masterminding and TAKING POSITIVE ACTION!

Why now? I think it's a result of the REVOLUTION in COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY. That's why I get so JAZZED about it all! It's not just because of computers, the Internet, cell phones, fiber optics, wireless, etc., but the convergence of people across the world who desire to get back to WHAT WORKS, what's natural, what's life sustaining and earth sustaining, what's kind, loving, ethical and moral.

Communication technology is just the vehicle by which humans can now CONNECT with others of the same mindin a way that has never before been available to least to this extent and It's really JUST THE BEGINNING! You just might be saying to yourself, "Yes, but it's SCAREYas well! There are some very bad things that are happeningout there Deb, as a result of new technology." And to that I say, "You're Right." That's why it's so important that we all have an EQUAL VOICEin this NEW technological world of ours, and that we SPEAK UP and TAKE PART in creating the way we want it to work! That's right!

We DO have a say in it because of the change in direction technology is going. You'll hear me talking about Web 2.0 a BUNCH because it changes the way we communicate. We're use to ONE WAY communication. Just think about it: Teachers stood at the front of the room lecturing to us from outdated books. We sat and listened. Radio & TV told us what and who we listened to, what and who we watched, when we could watch or listen, who offered what to buy and why we should buy from them. Newspapers, magazines and books offered one sided information.

Maybe that's why we LOVED our phones so much, becauseat least we could have two way communication! But LOOK,, AT WHAT WE HAVE NOW: Phone companies now can arrange for us to have two or THOUSANDS of people on a call all at once. Mass Media now allows us to decide WHAT or WHOwe want to watch or listen to WHEN we want to andmany times, WHERE we want to. The Internet allows us to TALK BACK through audio,video, text, pictures, you name it!

IT'S CHANGING the way we do business, politics, networking, spirituality, education, mentoring, fund-raising, art, music, entertainment....EVERYTHING! BUT HERE'S the CHALLENGE, It's still dominated by men and BIG MONEY and if we don't step up to the plate, ladies and gentlemen, thisGREAT NEW OPPORTUNITY to bring in the feminine energy and to level the playing field will pass us by and the rules will again be made by the same power mongers that have created this unsustainable world we have experienced up to now.

AND unless we get over our FEAR & FRUSTRATION ofnew technology and multi-media tools, we won't know how,or even have the ability to TAKE PART or TAKE ACTION in the creation of this NEW WORLD. So, in the next few months, I'll be VERY BUSY raising the visibility of women (and Brave men) who are: Overcoming their fears Ignoring their imperfectionsBelieving in themselves and their causeSquelching their excuses Raising their education levelStepping up their activityFinding their voice & passionParticipatingRaising the barPositively changing their world.

Did you know March is Women's History Month? There is a tremendous amount of AMAZING EVENTS happening, both locally, nationally and internationally which we, as GutZy Women, want to be a part of or at the very least, want to know about. So we invite each of you to come to our very own GutZy Women social networking site, join us if you aren't already one of our very special members. In the forum or the Blog, please let us know about any events YOU are aware of, or are organizing or are wanting us to join in! Just click on the link below...It's easy to join!and you'll meet some awesome people from all over the world:

HERE'S SOME MORE GREAT NEWS, If you want to be sure to be in the loop with all the great articles, videos and audio programs that are now on the GutZy Women websites (talk about some great learning to be had!) you can now ASK to get all the new information going forward delivered SAFELY and easily, directly into your own e-mail box or article reader through some thing called RSS feeds! It's ALL THE RAGE because it saves you time and trouble (something we all could use, could we not?).

We even have an audio, a video and some VERY BASIC and easy to understand articles about what RSS feeds are, how they work and why their so popular lately! (inquiring minds want to know :)
Here are the links:

1. Joanne Quinn-Smith, AKA "Techno Granny", President of the Pittsburgh Chapter of NOWBO and business owner grills me about RSS Feeds on her Talkshoe PODCAST: Go down to the bottom of the article and hit the play button to hear the show:
2. Frank Klein and David Skul of Relativity, join Debbie in a discussion about RSS FEEDS in the video below:
3. GutZy Women Articles: "Gutzy Women Think RSS is a Beautiful Thing!": "Become a GutZy RSS Godess!":

I know you're busy so I THANK YOU so much for your valuable time! I also value your input, so SPEAK UP! I amhappy to take questions, comments or suggestions.

Feel free to e-mail me at deb@gutzywoman.comor call me with any questions you may have at 719 334 3053

Debbie Ducic (Do you see? I see!)
GutZy WomanGutzyWomen.Com624 N. Main St.
Pueblo, CO. 81003

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