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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Episode 28, Social Networking--What Should I Wear, Techno Granny and Techno Teen

Title: EP28 - Social Networking--What Should I Wear? Techno Granny/TEchno Teen
Time: 11/19/2007 07:00 AM EST

Episode Notes: On Line Social Networking sites are not just for kids and cult followings, they are moving into business arenas and seen as a way to find like minded professionals and perhaps your next client. Techno Granny talks about pospittlive.ning her own group, Pittsburgh Women's Networking

Ben Wilson, Techno Teen and teen cartoonist and talk caster joins Techno Granny to talk about on On Line Social Networking. He talks about his show from Sydney Australia that was inspired by Techno Granny.

Ben Wilson and Techno Granny actually met on Talk Shoe show Tech Bytes, but have never met in person. Techno Granny talks about her social networking forum which is an extension of Positively Pittsburgh Live Talk Cast. Listen at:

Techno Granny talks about using Social Networking to get the word out about your business.

Social Networking Discussed

My Space
Face Book

Techno Granny and Techno Teen talk about affiliation of Ning with Talk Shoe.

Social networking, was popularized by teens sharing information with their friends online on Web sites such as Facebook Inc., is now a new Web 2.0 horizon in the business world. Thanks to new social networks that enable professionals and executives in industries such as advertising and finance to rub virtual elbows with colleagues.

Millions of professionals already turn to broad-based networking sites like LinkedIn to swap job details and contact information, often for recruiting purposes. Business executives also have turned to online forums, email lists and message boards to sound off on information related to their industries. Forums on social networks are a great way to monitor your market, manipulate the market and increase your credibility by becoming a thought leader.

Take the leap, you don't know who you might meet and what business you may do. A business associate of mine just recently found a friend that she had not heard from for twenty-five years. It's a great way to expand your horizons.

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Kara said...

I think it's important to have those opportunities and spaces for women networking. Many of the existing institutions and structures are de facto opportunities for men to connect with and support each other.