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Friday, January 18, 2013

Techno Granny Show, Cross Marketing with Podcast Broadcasting and Blogs

Techno Granny, Cross Marketing with Podcast Broadcasting and Blogs

Episode Notes: One of the things that TechnoGranny teaches in her Web 2.0 Branding Training for Small Business Owners is how to create plaforms online to use as push and buzz for your business. ...... Today she has enlisted guest who is another podcast, broadcaster, blogger and author who will give you tips on starting your own podcast broadcast to promote your business, book, speaking or non-profit.
Lillian Brummet is an award winning author and owner of Brummet Media Group (, offering book publishing services from formatting to cover design, graphic design and promotion material creation, books and CD's......Lillian is also the host of Conscious Discussions Talk Radio. Lillians show is hosted on Blog Talk Radio, so this will be a little different perspective as you have always heard about shows hosted on TalkShoe.......

Listen to Live Show Here

Award winning author Lillian Brummet ( produces and hosts the Conscious Discussions talk radio show, and manages the Brummet’s Conscious Blog Although it seems like a lifetime of scribbles and notes have led up to this – Lillian  has been professionally involved in the realm of writing since 1999. She began writing poetry as a teenager, which allowed her to express the issues and emotions from a broken home, abusive childhood and being on her own at 13-years old. Through poetry she learned how to see beyond these hurts and discover a world outside of herself, where she learned that her life really did have value and that she had a purpose to fulfill.
Lillian and husband and family pet

Lillian has fond memories of an early childhood in California and Nevada (USA) and grew up in the south-central region of BC, Canada. Her business partner and husband Dave was born and raised in Kelowna (BC) where he met up with Lillian in 1990 and they have been together ever since. Dave and Lillian have collaborated their efforts and have authored of 5 books (to date, 2012), with another book of poetry coming out in early 2013. In those few stolen moments when she is not in the office she can be found spending time with her husband gardening, indulging in nature, camping and walking the many trails in BC’s (Canada) wilderness. The main focus of everything the Brummets do, whether in their personal life or in business, is to inspire hope in individuals - helping them realize the value of their efforts and encouraging them to become more positive, proactive in life.

Radio description from site:

Conscious Discussions is an hour-long show that airs every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday – always at the same time: 10-11 AM (Pacific), inspiring listeners to become more proactive in their daily lives. With the varied topics and guests on the show listeners will realize their value as individuals and become more aware of the fact that they can make a real and visible difference.

We focus on celebrating individuals and organizations from all over the globe that are working to make the planet a better place. We make a point to refrain from pointing fingers; it’s about saluting people that are stepping up and doing the right things in life.

The radio show offers several different segments: Positive News (offering positive, inspiring inventions, projects, and innovations); Sunday Gardening (where discussions range from biodynamic sustainable and organic gardening to composting and watering techniques); Interviews (featuring special guests); World of Writing (discussions with publishers, publicists, agents, book reviewers, literacy organizations, etc.), and Best of Conscious Discussions (highlighting some of the best of our archived episodes).

Topic: Broadcasting

Talking Points:

Are you ready to run a podcast or online radio show?

Variations to consider instead of radio (video, blog, newsletter, e-zine...)

What are the benefits of, and differences of - online radio & podcasts

Being patient enough with yourself to learn the technology behind the scenes (familiarize with system setup, using chat room while hosting a live show, allowing live callers, setting up for messaging, etc)

Set up marketing plan

How to find guests (including using free services like,,,,

Importance of being prepared with an outline

* Some brief personal notes I made for myself for an upcoming World of Writing segment of our radio show that are in this genre:

During the last World of Writing episode that I hosted without a guest I was talking about how having a blog, video series, radio show, podcast, ezine, etc… are wonderful ways of building a platform, gaining name recognition, of reaching out to new audiences, to network, drive traffic to your site and so on – but that no matter what service you are providing you have to look at it like a product – one that requires time spent on maintenance and promotional activities. As I mentioned in our last discussion, a lot of people rush right in to making a product or service available like a blog, newsletter, e-zine, or video series as part of their marketing plan. But if done incorrectly, or if it isn’t something that actually appeals to your particular and unique audience, than it can be a huge waste of time.

Whatever you do each project should support the other things you do. For instance a video will have a by-line that leads to your site… the newsletter will have links to media appearances or announce information that was posted and now available on the blog. Your blog will have similar links but may also point to your radio show, maybe even offer quotes from the radio show… … and so on. But everything, everything, everything should point back to your main website… where people will find links to everything you do.

Latest book

Marketing my radio show for instance involves encouraging guests to promote their episodes by offering marketing tips and providing promotional tools. I have this information available on my website, and provide pre-show promotion and after-show promotion tips and tools for our guests to use. I will also encourage our listeners to help share the link to our radio show via the social networking sites or through their blogs, etc. And if I’m sharing information about a non-profit or other organization – I’ll let them know about that episode and hint that they are welcome to share that episode link with others.

I’ll post notices about upcoming episodes on social networking sites, and on the blog as well. Later on, after the show airs I’ll use the social networking buttons on the bottom of the show page and share the archive link right away. A few days or so later I’ll listen to the episode and evaluate my performance, technology, audio, and so on to see if there are things I can improve on – and at that time I’ll glean a single quote from the guest’s interview and use it at a later date as one of our ‘quote of the day’ bits that go up on our blog, along with the link to the archived interview as well. If the quote pertains to the world of writing, I might keep that to share with our listeners of that segment of our radio program. I’ll sometimes share the quotes on social networking sites like LinkedIn and FaceBook – if the quote applies to my audiences there.

These are just some of the basic marketing practices that I use just for the radio show alone. Now, you might not have a blog or a radio show or a video series, but you have a newsletter and are on social networking sites so you might do your cross promotions there, or maybe you have a special page on your website for such things.

With this in mind it is easier to visualize how much behind the scenes work goes into making something like this work for you. But remember this amount of work will go into each of the projects you take on – meaning - if you spend 5 hours a week promoting the blog; expect to spend that on your newsletter too. So now you are spending 10 hours a week managing these two items and want to take on a radio show… When you see these projects in this lite it will give you an idea as to how to schedule your time most effectively. 

Award-winning authors Dave and Lillian Brummet: owners of the Brummet Media Group (, offering book publishing services from formatting to cover design, graphic design and promotion material creation, books and CD's, the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio: and the Brummet's Conscious Blog:


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