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Sunday, August 12, 2012

TechnoGrannyShow, 7 Rules Regarding Spam

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Techno Granny, 7 Rules Regarding Spam, CAN SPAM Act
Time: 07/30/2012 11:00 AM EDT
Episode Notes: Over the week-end I spent a considerable amount of time on two of my sites deleting spam including my LinkedIn Group, only to wake up to a message from a member on one of my networking sites that I had a spammer emailing all of my members. So I postponed the show this morning to do a little research on SPAM. As a business owner what I came up with would have been a little scary if I did not already have some safeguards in place. For the spammer, it should be really scary. Information today straight from the FTC website. Any one could look it up but how many people do?

The information for this show was all culled from several websites:
Resources follow:

CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business [PDF]

If you are doing business internationally
Text message
Protect yourself from being accused of spam

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