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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Techno Granny Show, Ten Things to Know About Webcasting and Webcasting Softwa

Mark Call, Author "The Book on Webcasting"

Mark Call is a Best Selling Author, Speaker and Marketing Consultant. Mark came from an entrepreneurial background based around traditional brick and mortar business. He launched on the internet about 10 years ago and failed forward. Starting his first "info" site (, Mark grew his first list right before AUDIO was popular on-line. The natural progression grew towards VIDEO and eventually Live Broadcasting! Mark has logged more than 3000 hours webcasting and training on-line. He wrote "The Book on Webcasting" and most recently co-authored "Webinar Recruiting Made Easy" with Internet Mulit-Millionaire, Daegan Smith. Mark now teaches Home Business Owners how to train and attain prospects for their Home Business through the Power of Webinars and Webcasting. You can follow Mark by subscribing to his blog at or Follow him on Facebook at 

Talking Points

1. Just Do It

2. Do not OVERPAY for your Webcasting Software

3. The TOOLS of The Trade (what equipment Mark uses)

4. NEVER SELL on a Webinar ... WHAT!

5. Find YOURSELF and be YOU

6. It's Technology - Expect the un-expected

7. You...  a ROCK STAR

8. Practice, Practice, Practice

9. Why Webinars

10. Track the Stats

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