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Monday, February 27, 2012

Techno Granny Show, Technology of Gambling for Entertainment

Hosted by: technogranny
Title: Techno Granny, Technology of Gambling for Entertainment
Time: 02/27/2012 10:00 AM EST
Episode Notes: Since November 2006 when the first legalized casino opened through the end of 2008, the Pennsylvania slots gaming industry has contributed $2 billion in tax revenues to the Commonwealth through both gaming and license fees.

Hey that's a lot of money that gamblers are putting into the infrastructure. TechnoGranny personally does not espouse gambling that ruins lives because of addictions but it seems to be here to stay.  So for those of you who seek it out strictly for entertainment, if you know what you are doing it might be okay to spend your hot little twenty or fifty dollars and contribute to the tax structure. Besides in Pennsylvania, the money is supposed to help out the old folks right?

Well, Al Levine the Pittsburgh Gaming Guru will speak about an internet site he has established to teach you how to cut your losses and use gambling as ENTERTAINMENT. Al claims to have gone to a casino with $1.00 and come out with twenty. has lessons to teach you in keeping your money longer and "smart bets" if there is such a thing.  

DISCLAIMER: TG is NOT advocating gambling per se but only the entertainment side of it. This show is for my many listeners who find it fun and are interested in learning how to have a good time at the casino with minimal expense. For those of you who disapprove, we will catch you next week with a new topic.

As always, thank you for listening.

Allen Levine was born in Pittsburgh. He launched in July 2011. Allen first bet on a Harness Horse at the Meadows

when he was 18. That is still the legal age to bet on the horses.  In the Casinos you must be 21. He started his Racing Stable in 1983. The Snyder

Stable taught him about the Horse Racing business. With Dane as the #1 Trainer and Doug as the #1 driver he learned from the best. The Mickey

Burke Stable also raced a couple of his horses too. He has a lot of great true stories for another day.

Allen blogs as "The Pittsburgh Gaming Guru" on his site. His mission is to make gaming less intimidating and More Fun! 

What took Allen years of reading books, playing and research about the Casino games, You will learn on his site in a few hours. He has some great 

slot machine tips. He is developing ebooks to help you in the Casinos. His tips and rules will also help you in any Casino in the world.

The Pittsburgh Gaming Guru will not guarantee that you will win every time you play. You will play better and have more fun.

Go to his "Play Free Games" . Learn the correct way to play and manage your bankroll $$$. If you

have any questions call him on his cell:
412.973.9611.  What about a Casino consultation for you, a party or your company party?

Or email at or

Talking Points     

Gambling is another form of entertainment.

With practice on  you will play better in hours not days or years like I did.

Video Poker is my best personal example of technology helping me to play a winning game.

Blackjack is another game that you can improve your skills on my site, before you go to the Casinos.

You can learn all the Casino games online and play like a pro.

Pittsburgh Gaming News for free play practice sites and advice on losing less and having more fun.

Always remember that all the Casinos have "The House Advantage" on every game. It is based on mathematics.

The RNG chip in Slot Machines.

When you play the correct way, you will cut their advantage to help you win.

I have a lot of common sense rules to follow when you go to the Casino. Here are a few. The ATM is not your friend. Bring what you can afford

to lose. Slot machines do not have the best odds to win. If you double your bankroll, stop gambling.

With my great tips you will be more savvy.

You do not have to put more than $1 in a slot machine to play. Manage your bankroll $$$.

Online Practice, Practice, Practice your game before you play in the Casino.

Good luck will always help!

email: or

Call: Allen Levine @

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