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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TechnoGrannyShow, Great American Giveaway

Big American Giveaway is a daily giveaway site that enables brands to increase their social media profile by offering a giveaway on their specific day. In order to enter the giveaway competition the public must like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, post on their facebook wall, re-tweet them and generally talk about them all over the web. With days starting at $1 and increasing by only $1 per day Big American Giveaway offers a seriously affordable way to increase your social media profile in 2012. Days are available to purchase right away on  

With regards to talking points:

Mark James Bowness
Mark James Bowness first business idea which was - which was a 200 acre eco-island in Fiji, that enabled the public to become a 'tribe member' - it was featured in media around the world and became a prime time TV show.

Business failures – He has worked on a few businesses that have not gone so well so a conversation around what he learned during this process.

Giving away $1million dollars via Big American Giveaway ,. 

Big American Giveaway is offering $1million to see one American's dream come true, whatever it is.
Once every day is sold Big American Giveaway will make history by launching one incredible Giveaway. Members of the public will be able to upload a video stating why they want to win the $1million – whether the goal is to launch a business, to launch a charity, to build a dream house or to fund a music dream, all manners of dreams will be accepted as an entry to the competition.

For the first time in history the population of U.S.A will decide which individual walks away with the $1million. The winner will not only win the million but will also gain the backing of the Nation to see their dream come true.

Mark Bowness created the $1million competition because he is acutely aware of having a dream but not always gaining the financial or moral support to see a dream come true. Mark Bowness states;

"I want to hear from people who have a dream that they want to fulfil, but, at every angle they get people telling them to give up on their dream. It is these dreams that will achieve something awesome and together with the brands who purchase Giveaway days, we are going to make sure that one of these dreams comes true."

What sort of business owners are buying days and where in the world they are buying them from.

Launching on the 1st January 2012, Big American Giveaway is a daily giveaway site which will feature one competition per day, in each state. Awesome brands will offer awesome prizes to increase their social media presence across Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
Big American Giveaway is set to be the most talked about social media marketing platform in 2012 and with limited days, make sure you purchase your giveaway day, today.

How it Works
Buying a Big American Giveaway day is simple. All 366 days in 2012 are for sale, in every single state. Each day presents an exciting way to increase your brands social media profile. In exchange for a minimum of one prize, users will have to Like your Facebook page, Follow you on Twitter, Re-Tweet you, follow your brand on Google+ and generally talk about you all over the web.
Follow these 5 easy steps to ensure your brand gains all the benefits of Big American Giveway in 2012:
Step 1: Select your State, Month, Day & click 'buy'.
Step 2: Add more days for ultimate promotion.
Step 3: Add your web link & image to show the world you have reserved your Giveaway day.
Step 4: We will liaise with you to come up with ideas for an awesome Giveaway and agree on the text.
Step 5: Wait for your day and see your brand come alive online!
Make sure your business benefits from this exciting new social media platform and purchase your Giveaway day now.

Listen to interview with Mark at:

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