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Monday, September 5, 2011

TechnoGrannyShow, "Cinch Me!" Stomach Banding Hypno Surgery

When you want to change your life, Sanna is the person who can help you to just that.

Sanna Carapellotti, a master's level therapist, is the Director of Pittsburgh Medical Hypnosis where she specializes in healing health issues, life stressers and weight loss. She is an expert on medical hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Cross Generational Healing and guided imagery. Sanna prepares children and adults for surgery and assists athletes with enhanced Physical Therapy services. 

Sanna also works in conjunction with Dr Valerie Donaldson, MD in the hCG Naturally Weight Loss Program. 
Sanna is known for her popular HypnoDIning class to help you stop stress eating and creates guided audio packages for health and performance. 
Sanna is a speaker and creates audio programs for health and wellness. She has been featured in major magazines.

Sanna's newest venture is Stomach Banding HypnoSurgery. Her expertise in weight loss, food eating issues, and medical hypnotherapy have enabled her to create a innovative approach to  hypnotic weight loss.

Ready and motivated to lose weight? Been exploring your options?  

You have reviewed protein drinks, exercise programs and maybe even surgeries. Yet, you can't dismiss this overwhelming feeling that your BMI is higher than you ever imagined and the pounds are piling up. How can you reach your goals? You can't even imagine yourself thinner with this mental load?

Have you considered applied HypnoSurgery and mind based approaches to resolving your weight problem and to improve your health?

Hypnotic Stomach Banding Surgery is one valuable hypnotic strategy, among many, available for mind based weight loss. There is no pain, medications or side effects. You relax back, close your eyes and daydream your way to a slimmer body and healthier life style. 

Cinch Me!, Stomach Banding HypnoSurgery, is the creation of Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHt, Medical Hypnotherapist in Pittsburgh. She offers the choice of private sessions or classes to achieve the result of virtual stomach banding. Her approach is designed to teach you how to manage eating, select foods and manage life and eating stress so you  become more conscious of food consumption and love food again.

You might be wondering how this can work? No actual surgery? Huh?

The mind body connection is a powerful one. Think of a juicy, tart lemon and you salivate. Feel scared and the blood drains from your face. Get nervous and your stomach quakes.

Creating believability in the mind that the actual surgery had occurred leads to the creation of the sensation of fullness and as an outcome your food intake reduces. You feel more satisifed, too. The strategic guidance directs the mind to simulate a tightening sensation in the abdominal area, namely the stomach. The process is a building one and will be audio supported to reinforce the mind body connection.

Cinch Me! includes HypnoDining, stress management and nutritional guidance along with the hypnosurgery procedure. 

Mind power is a strong unused force when it comes to weight loss. Consider Cinch Me! If you have 35 plus pounds to lose and are ready to transform your life style! You'll feel happier, too!

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHt, Medical Hypnotherapist, has a specialty in weight loss and medical issues. Sanna is the creator of HypnoDIning® and Cinch Me™, Stomach Banding HypnoSurgery. You can also purchase her audio programs on her line store. Sanna also works with Valerie Donaldson, MD in the HCG Naturally weight loss program.  If you are ready to knock it off, contact me- at and her phone number is 412.344.2272.

Sign up for her Newsletter: Mind Bites - 60 Seconds to Wiser on her website.

Testimonial: "Sanna's work is miraculous and I am not exaggerating."  James lost 34 lbs and kept it off since April, 2011. He invested a private session course of Cinch Me.

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