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Monday, May 31, 2010

TechnoGranny and Yarn Superhero Spin a Yarn About Her Business, 5-24-10

Andrea Marquis (Mar-kee) is a Yarn Manufacturer's Representative, selling fine, high-end handknitting yarns and related products to boutique yarn shops in Western PA. Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Maryland. She has 12 years of B2B sales experience and has been an adventurous knitter for 15 years. Last July, she hit the road in her new role as the Yarn Superhero, a career which offers her the chance to use the perfect blend of her sales skills and creative talents. She has fun and learns new things every day, and considers herself so lucky to have found work that doesn't feel like work. The yarn industry offers many surprises, and she feels that she has found "her people" in this field. She is excited by the unknown, and enjoys figuring things out through experiencing them, since she learns best by doing, and through trial and error--especially error! When she is not on the road, she makes her home in Crafton, PA with her hsuband Keith Ferretti, and 3 very spoiled pets.

Knitting (and other crafting) is therapeutic, relaxing, fun, a creative outlet. Knitters are among the most active blog writers and readers, and the internet has changed the way people design , market and sell knitting patterns and yarns. You can learn new crafting techniques from YouTube videos. Yarn has changed over the years. it can contain wool, cotton, linen, corn fiber, seaweed, milk fibers, and man-made fibers. Dyes are more vibrant and the independent dyer or spinner can sell her wares on sites like Etsy. There is a lot of online commerce going on in the yarn industry, but nothing beats the touch and feel experience at your Local Yarn Shop.

Resources: yarn shop finder fiber festival calendar like Facebook for knitters, but also a wonderful resource


luxury fibers, like camel, yak, musk ox, bison, finding their way into knitters’ hands

just like the rest of the world, crafters are interested in “all-natural” and knowing where and how their yarn is made

Andrea Marquis’ information:

twitter @yarnsuperhero

Ravelry id Greedy

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