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Monday, May 17, 2010

Techno Granny, Using the Internet to Get Across Your Political Point

Techno Granny, Using the Internet to Get Across Your Political Point

Time: 04/26/2010 07:00 AM EDT
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Episode Notes: TechnoGranny scoops a brand new TalkShoe, Internt Radio Show "".......... - The Point is...... For anyone who knows them, this is going to be a good one. Pittsburgh Co-Hosts and Coro Alumni JoAnn Forrester and Scott Kerschbaumer will talk about the preview of their upcoming show. Talk Show and what a time to do this. With Primaries being held May 18th, JoAnn Forrester and Scott Kerschbaumer hope to engage some lively discussion on the inaugural episode and thereafter. Our current president used the internet on a political campaign very successfully. Is this the wave of the future?....... This show is scheduled to be something different. JoAnn from the Center-Left and Scott from the Center-Right invite you to join them to help decide with TechnoGranny, can TalkShoe survive two hosts from opposite sides of the fence? Tune in and let TechnoGranny know what you think at:

My Bio

Scott Kerschbaumer is a serial entrepreneur who opened his first business while studying Musical Theatre at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Tx. In 1990 he opened his second nightclub outside Austin. In 1999 he married Hungarian model and skincare expert Eva Sztupka and in 2002 they built and opened ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Spa & Skincare which was named the "3rd Best Spa in America" in 2008. Scott has won numerous international awards for marketing and he is always looking for new methods to create and enhance brand awareness and drive profits. He has found success in generating significant customer response with micro, sometimes non-existent, budgets by formulating effective marketing campaigns that work because they make sense, have never been tried and demand an immediate customer response.

Scott believes that you can always make money (even now) but you will only make so many close friends. I ask you - which would you rather have?

Here are my two cents to start

1. there are lots of people and shows that talk about politics but there are few that try to talk about politics in a way that engages the common person. Most people are either too busy or feel so overwhelmed that they simply have pulled back and refuse to pay attention to the particulars.

The best example of this is a quote from one of my best, lifelong friend. He is an Ivy league graduate and holds a high position at a very large financial institution. His response to any attempt to involve him in a political discussion is "why should I bother as it doesn't affect me and I have no affect on the outcome"

2. Todays political machine is a huge beast that is growing exponentially. It is a beast with three heads. Democratic, Republican and Bureaucratic and it is ever hungry. A Political Point will try to help everyone understand the beast and provide the tools necessary to 1) live in harmony with the beast and 2) try to control the beast.

Scott Kerschbaumer

ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare

17 Brilliant Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15215


In a message dated 4/25/2010 10:28:13 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Hi lady...good description. Here is what I see as good talking points.

1. The goal of the show...two different views..each one designed to get people thinking, talking and actiing...instead of just complaining.

2. Our backgrounds...both long time business owners who have taken a strong interest in politics. I have worked on a number of campaigns from poll watcher, to campaign treasurer.

3. How we met...the Coro program. What that program is...and how we had mock elections...

4. The growing use of technology to involve and influence people.

5. The upcoming election

JoAnn R. Forrester

"Empress of Biz" TalkCast Host

S. I. Business Associates

Price it Perfect

Celebrate & Share Women of Achievement

NAWBO Board member & Past President

SBA PA Woman Business Champion 2000/1989

PA Best 50 Women in Business 1999

Office: 412-440-6969

Cell: 412-670-4322

Here is the chat content that this show inspired.  Portents of things to come?

[7:00:29 AM] ESSpaKozmetika is logged into the chat

[7:00:29 AM] EmpressofBiz is on the call

[7:00:42 AM] ESSpaKozmetika is on the call

[7:06:05 AM] Wecome guests

[7:07:26 AM] ehis is logged into the chat
[7:16:21 AM] Welcome Guests

[7:17:32 AM] Guest speaking Scott Kerschbaumer owner of Esspa Kozmetika and co-host of

[7:19:59 AM]

[7:20:05 AM] Guest 6 is logged into the chat

[7:20:15 AM] Guest 6 has left the chat

[7:21:56 AM] Guest 7 is logged into the chat

[7:24:02 AM] Speaking Jo Ann F orrester, host Empress of Biz, co host of new show, A

[7:25:57 AM] Guest 5 has left the chat

[7:26:27 AM] Guests, what part of the world are you in???

[7:27:21 AM] Scott Kerschbaumer

[7:28:24 AM] It is a sad time in our American History that our education system is not wholesome and robust as it ought to be! Sunita

[7:29:57 AM] Guest 8 is logged into the chat

[7:31:57 AM] It is good to lean to Libertarianism as we are getting into a state of entitlement which is very upsetting as it affects growth in business!

[7:32:36 AM] We fire teachers that don't produce real results and yes lets fire the parents also

[7:33:17 AM] I never understood how any woman could be attracted to join the Republican party. It is primarilly an old boys club, that uses hot button issues

[7:33:50 AM] Guest 8 I am a republican because I believe in personal responsiblity

[7:34:33 AM] The military support is most strongly supported by well known spokespeople who never served themselves.
[7:35:21 AM] The democratic party right now believes in entitlements a little too much without pressing for the personal responsibility part of life!

[7:35:32 AM] The opposition to the "government" education system is from people who have not successfully completed their own education.

[7:36:06 AM] The opposition to the "government" health care is from people who do not have to worry about doing without it because they have been able to

[7:36:07 AM] Guest 8 I am one course short of a masters degree so I am not sure where you get your information

[7:36:30 AM] to guest as someone who always attended private schools I am now sending my son to public school

[7:36:39 AM] capitalize on the ginning up of angry citizens in a way to provide for their financial support.

[7:37:25 AM] Guest 8 I pay for personally an expensive healthcare policy because i will not allow my 28 year old son to ecome a 'ward of the state' thank you...

[7:37:55 AM] He has severe Cerebral Palsy and Mental Retardation so please do not argue with me about this topic

[7:38:11 AM] If you follow the talking heads, who are the mouthpiece for the opposition to anything that needs to be done to solve real problems we have,

[7:38:46 AM] then you not only do not add to the solving of those problems, but also delay those solutions for our children.

[7:39:36 AM] If we want to advocate for opposition to action just for the sake of opposition, then it is just obstruction, and not useful input toward the solution

[7:40:33 AM] Guest 8 I feel from our conversation that you need a course on economics 101...

[7:40:41 AM] And that is what the Republican party is. Oppostion with little to offer as far as answers or solutions, just a commitment to opposing those who do.

[7:41:22 AM] ehis has left the chat

[7:41:43 AM] Guest 8 when your lovely party passes the VAT tax, everything you buy will cost you 17% more and I guess that is great to spend more

[7:42:09 AM] Economics 101 does not support awarding no bid contracts to financial interests of Dick Cheney etc., and starting needless wars costing us $trillions

[7:42:54 AM] in dollars and the precious lives and limbs of our greatest resource, which is the life and health of our young people.

[7:42:59 AM] Guest 8 that topic simply means that we as citizens are not doing our jobs and facing our responsibilities of demanding change

[7:43:14 AM] Change is needed in basic government policy

[7:43:26 AM] transparency is a joke in government

[7:43:37 AM] Not squandering their gifts because of misguided leadership from those who did not serve themselves.

[7:44:09 AM] guest eight) BOTH sides are a problem. What now have professional politicians and until we get back to REAL people being in charge then problems ensue

[7:44:21 AM] Mr Obama has a charming demeanor while giving speeches but he has not impressed me with his ability to spend my children's

[7:44:35 AM] and my grandchildren's earnings in one year of government spending

[7:44:52 AM] should we not ask government red or blue to be fiscally responsible?

[7:45:09 AM] to conduct their job in a responsible fashion?

[7:45:24 AM] I am not 100% in the camp of Democrats, they are flawed for sure. Unfortunately, our two party system requires a choice between the least of 2 evils

[7:45:39 AM] agreed

[7:45:58 AM] you got that right dear we agree there but you know we are a stronger nation when we depend on ourselves more than the government

[7:46:27 AM] Yes I called Mr Altmires office to complain!

[7:46:39 AM] So Democrats are only to be trusted under the strongest eye to keep them on the straight and narrow. The Republicans have proven not to be trusted

[7:47:19 AM] Yes and I get to pay more than the majority in taxes and it is going up and up and no help in taking care of my handicapped son!!!! Is this fair?

[7:47:33 AM] under any circumstance, and they have not reformed their party at all by being the party of obstruction and loud oppostion to everything.

[7:47:45 AM] No party is to be trusted without transparency

[7:48:43 AM] The government is not the solution as a replacement for the private sector, but reality has shown us, that unchecked, private industry acts only

[7:48:57 AM] on a profit motive, and needs oversight.

[7:49:18 AM] Ofcourse the role of government is to protect our personal freedom without letting 'big wigs' trample all over us

[7:49:34 AM] guest eight - the profit motive results in hiring more people and larger paychecks and better products

[7:49:46 AM] Oh yes Joann you got lots of fodder for more talk shoe shows you owe guest 8 and me something!!11

[7:50:17 AM] That is the governments role. To provide guidance, "force" moral action by the private sector, is unfortunately, the only thing some business

[7:50:48 AM] interests understand as their responsibility to society, its citizens and our future generations.

[7:51:54 AM] That is why I believe government needs to spend more time on regulating the protection of the private citizen not reallocating wealth by taing me so

[7:52:01 AM] others can be tax free

[7:52:19 AM] If there was a way to convince the powers that be to play nice and understand their blessings and success comes with responsibility outside government

[7:52:31 AM] what we really need is a national sales tax accross the board flat rate of 7% with lowe income earners getting a monthly rebate

[7:53:20 AM] Powers at play are politicians usually of the lawyer kind and an overwhelming majority have never run a business

[7:53:29 AM] action, that would be the best course. But it doesn't happen because the influence of greed and personal gain is the reality we live with.

[7:53:55 AM] so maybe we need to require politiciams to have business experience before that can run for office

[7:54:05 AM] I agree, we have much in common. And that is the hope we share for our future.

[7:54:17 AM] Wait is Scott a blonde... or this is not going to work you know!!!

[7:54:44 AM] ok lets get you a wig!!!

[7:55:41 AM] It would be neat if you guys could track down the wealthy Americans that have fled the country already and find out how to get them to return home

[7:56:36 AM] Let them stay where they fled to, just return their resources back into the system for the benefit of the rest. lol

[7:56:40 AM] Guest 8 as a small business, Obama care is threatning my employess as the taxes increase it leaves less for me to spend on payroll my highest expense!

[7:57:00 AM] A mouthfull Joann

[7:57:43 AM] Health care has been, and would have continued to cost more, without any action. To characterize "Obamacare" as a reason for increase cost fails to

[7:57:59 AM] No Guest 8 we need them back here to conduct business, make more moeny to spend here on American made products to hire more people here

[7:58:17 AM] acknowledge that the cost would be at least as high without action. It is a false argument, ginned up by the talking heads.

[7:58:30 AM] Guest 8 come to my office and I will show you the affects of Obama Care already on a private practice

[7:58:40 AM] I will come with a wig for you

[7:59:19 AM] The opinion that the wealthy create jobs for the rest of us, and paying their share of taxes will cause them to sit on the sidelines is also false

[7:59:33 AM] Obama Care is causing Doctors to shorten their careers as they cannot justify working for pennies with more responsibilities

[7:59:49 AM] Guest 8 you need a lesson in basic business economics

[8:00:00 AM] Reality is, if they don't want the business, and the demand for those goods and services exists is just an opportunity for true entrepreneurs to enter

[8:00:22 AM] their own businesses, instead of being locked out by the good old boys club.

[8:00:29 AM] only if governmetn doesnt tax you out of business... why are profits evil?

[8:00:48 AM] wehn does this start?

[8:01:24 AM] first show is thurday may 13th at 10:30am

[8:01:26 AM] Scott when do start your lively discussions with Joann?

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