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Sunday, April 6, 2008


4 Effective Web Design Tips.

Your goal may be to display a simple Website that introduces your company and products or services. Or you might be thinking about developing a fully functional ecommerce site. Either way, there are plenty of design options to meet your desires and needs.

How you design your Website depends in large part on how you want others to view your business. A Website should reflect your personality and products while displaying confidence and trust to visitors.

Whether you want visitors to signup for your email newsletter or buy something, your site will only be effective if it moves visitors to perform the action you intend. This is done through a combination of design and copywriting.

Below are 4 tips that will help you design a Website that meets your goals.

Simple is better

With all the design technology and styles available, keeping to a simple design methodology is always the most effective. Simple designs are best, not only because you might be just starting out but because most Web users dislike "busy" Websites.

Start with your directory structure. How many pages do you want initially? Organize pages so users don't have to "dig" into your site to find what they want. Your initial directory structure will lay the foundation for future page growth. One simple way to organize your structure is by file type. Images should have their own directory as should html and other file types.

Stay easy on the eyes

Scrolling text, pop-ups, and flashing images are all design faux pas. Have you ever visited a Website and clicked away because it was too bright, too busy, or in complete disarray? Keep that in mind as you think about your layout, colors, and graphics.

What may be appealing to you may not be to others. In Web design, more isn't necessarily better. That's why Google is so popular; it gets a job done with minimal design.

Content is…everything

The bottom line is that a bland site with great content will far outperform an exceptional design with poor content. Visitors may be impressed initially with your design, but it's your copywriting that will make the sale—or signup.

In conjunction with your Website design, plan your content strategy. A content strategy should include the copywriting on your static pages as well as the content you'll use to actively market your site.

Domains and Hosting

An often overlooked part of Web design is choosing a domain and hosting package. Choosing a domain name that excites you will ensure that you keep it for a long time—hopefully for as long as you own your business.

One key to getting better search engine rankings is having an older domain—preferably two years or older. Choosing a domain name you can live with for years will help you rank better in the long run.

Hosting is another overlooked but critical element to an effective Website design. Many beginners make the mistake of evaluating hosting companies on price alone. Your hosting plan should meet your current and long term growth requirements. So, don't overlook the technical specifications like disk space and bandwidth. If your business grows you'll need plenty of each.


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