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Monday, November 5, 2007

BlackBerry--No Thanks, I'm Fasting!

What We Learned Today About Blackberry Technology
BlackBerry?—No Thanks, I’m Fasting
Episode 26
Raul Evangelista
DMR Medical Supplier
Allegheny Group
208 Woodland Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
A Veteran Owned and Veteran Staffed Business

According to which some of my young friends may want to access, BlackBerry Technology has been licensed out to Microsoft since 2003, that means that you can have a BlackBerry brand phone and hand held device or you can have a device that uses BlackBerry Technology. Research in Motion, RIM is the orginal maker of the BlackBerry e-mail device which is now capable of being used as a cell phone and has als been incorporated into SmartPhone platforms, and has been used by Symbian OS phones. Many cell phone brands now have BlackBerry Capabiliites.
Pocket PC and SmartPhone users have access to BlackBerry e-mail technology.
Raul Evangelista uses the 7150 C by Verizon and finds it a great way to keep connectivity and as a time saving device for his small company with a staff of four but a sales staff of 60. Raul has an aversion to the multiple stroke key pad which does not use Qwerty keyboard, so he uses PIM, Project Infromation Management, with his Outlook to put info into his BlackBerry Device. He simply uses a USB cable at night to Sync his phone with his outlook.

Raul finds the device not only time-saving but also creates added efficiency and speeds up communication among his associates.

He was very upfront that ther are other BlackBerry Devices which have Qwerty keyboards and larger keyboards.

Looks to me now like we may need to do a show on PIM, Outlook and Outlook Express, can’t wait—learned a lot today. I just may go out and buy a BlackBerry even though I am on a diet.

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