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Monday, October 22, 2007

“Techno Granny” Inspires “Techno Teen”

“Techno Granny” Inspires “Techno Teen”
Pittsburgh Talk Cast inspires Australian Teen Caster

Pittsburgh, October 22, 2007, “Techno Granny” is an internet talk cast broadcast run by 58 year old talk caster, Joanne Quinn-Smith and airs at 7 AM every Monday on the Talk Shoe network at Joanne claims to be the only 58 year old pod caster in captivity with no less than four regular talk casts: “Techno Granny,” “Monday Morning Marketing,” “Professionals with Impact” and “Positively Pittsburgh Live.” Three of the shows air regularly on Monday. Joanne says, “I am a busy person and have just decided that this is my Talk Cast day.” Joanne is President of the National Association of Women Business Owners and recently addressed the NAWBO National conference about “Techno Granny.” She spoke about using pod casting to promote other chapters of NAWBO and also member’s own businesses which is how she uses her talk casts, to promote her business, Dreamweaver Marketing Associates.

“Techno Granny” is a show originally designed to bring baby boomers and beyond up to snuff with 21st Century technology. The need arose because most of her interviewees on “Positively Pittsburgh Live” were not conversant with how to access her show. So she started “Techno Granny” to let people know, “If I can do it, anyone can.”

To educate her generation may have been her goal, however at 7 AM; the originally targeted audience is either asleep or in gridlock on their way to work. A serendipitous phenomenon of the internet, you never know who is listening and in Sydney, Australia, it’s 9 PM. A young man named Ben Wilson stumbled on to “Techno Granny” around the tenth show and has used Techno Granny as homework entertainment ever since.

Ben Wilson is also a pod caster on Talk Shoe and has a following of his own and brought them with him to listen to Techno Granny. As a result the show has become popular in Australia with the 14 to 25 age group and at 7 AM, a grand group of youngsters from across the ocean log on to listen and participate.

Joanne says that often she gets advice from her informal “producers” who help her out with the multi-tasking of running an audio and chat show at the same time.

“Often these guys and gals are in the chat room talking about who knows what while I interview my guest for the week on the scheduled topic.”

Joanne says, “Recently Ben e-mailed me to see if I thought he could run a techno show like mine. I suggested he run it the day after mine for technology for teens and call it Techno Teen.” Ben had been running pod casts of his own but basically audio blogging. Thanks to stopping in to various shows on the internet and regularly listening to Techno Granny,” he has become conversant in interviewing guests and running his shows like a radio show.

So now, “Techno Teen” is a transoceanic offshoot of “Techno Granny.” Ben Wilson’s premier “Techno Teen” show will air at 7 AM, EDT, 9 PM in Australia, premiering on October 23, 2007. Joanne says, “Ben’s show will probably garner more live listeners because of the age group and the time slot, however Techno Granny gets a tremendous amount of downloads after the fact as all Talk Shoe shows are archived for listening later.” Also many people just love the name, “Techno Granny.”


58 year old pod caster with 4 Talk Casts
“Techno Granny” has transoceanic listeners—7AM EDT
“Techno Teen” a transoceanic show inspired by “Techno Granny” premier 10-23-07, 7 AM EDT
Australian Youth 14 to 25—Techno Granny fans
Listen to Techno Granny at:
Listen to Positively Pittsburgh Live at:
Listen to Professionals with Impact at:
Listen to Monday Morning Marketing at:
Website coming:
Some “Techno Granny” titles:

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· Episode 9 - Text messaging--Are you talking to me?
Episode 10 - Quick Books--Quick Nothing if you don't know how?
Episode 11 - Palm Pilot's--Who’s Flying this Plane? Steve Montellese/Virtual Devices
Episode 12 - My Space--What are those kids talking about? Actress Sydney Chase
Episode 13 - Blogging?--a Country Dance? Kirsten Womack/Immackulate Impressions
Episode 15 - Live Chat--where can I hear it? Ben Wilson, Comedian
Episode 16 - What's a Google? Joe Rinehart;
Episode 18 -On Line Magazine--Where's the Paper? Penny Haynes
Episode 19 -Emily Post--no Emily E-mail
Episode 20 Constant Contact--Contact Who? Kirsten Womak, Im-mack-ulateImpressions
Episode 21 - GPS and On Star--but honey, I'm not lost! Patty Jennings, #! Cochran, Monroeville
(c) Joanne Quinn-Smith 2007

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