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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

TechnoGrannyShow, TechnoGrannyTalks, The Technology of a Home Based Travel Business

Hosted by: technogranny
Title: TechnoGrannyShow, The Technology of a Home Based Travel Business
Time: 03/24/2016 08:00 AM EDT
Episode Notes: Like the song "Cabaret" says, "What good is sitting alone in your room?" Listen in to Chinaza M. Duson, Author, Speaker, Network Marketing Professional, National Diamond, UK Expansion Leader, Performance Coach, HR Executive from the Greater Atlanta Area. Listen in as she and TechnoGranny talk about the tough questions about a home based travel business.| Is it costly to start? | Is it technologically difficult? | Can you really make money at it? | Can you actually enjoy travelling while becoming financially independent and helping others to do the same?| Most importantly is it fun making money travelling?| If you have friends who like to travel, please share this interview.| Also listen in to find out how to hear Chinaza speak in Pittsburgh tonight and if you can't make that how to get additional info on starting your own home based travel business.| TechnoGranny and Chinaza look forward to seeing you soon on the beaches of the world.| But first you have to listen in to this #podcast #Chinazaspeaks.

Listen to the Interview Here

Chinaza M. Duson

Author, Speaker, Network Marketing Professional, National Diamond, UK Expansion Leader,
Performance Coach, HR Executive

1.        XsTREAM Travel, 

June 2003 – Present (12 years 10 months)United States
We have over 15 years of experience in the public and private sector serving as a provider of branding, strategic marketing and management solutions, business development, social media marketing, human resources, supply and demand services as well as contract facilitation. 

We deliver integrated solutions to clients who desire to grow their business and increase their market share worldwide. We move smart and fast to make things happen. Our leading principle is to grow with our clients. As your needs evolve, so must our offerings. We believe in taking care of the customer-first which requires us to understand our clients’ current and future needs and build an organization that best supports them.

June 1, 2015
In 1976, Tiffany Marie Duson, was born in Millard Filmore Hospital in Buffalo, NY, earmarked to the genealogy of an alleged drug abuser and wayward prostitute name Carlita Duson and a functional heroine user, dealer and pimp named "Gruff". Upon her birth, both parents would flee their respective cities in an effort to escape their own destitution, in search of better lives, headed to different corners of the world, without Tiffany, now know as Chinaza in tote. Only to be miraculously discovered by a nosy neighor and a concerned, yet doting grandfather in a drug house on Buffalo's, lower west- side, where in the first week of her life, she was thrown out like trash, found dehydrated, malnutritioned and knocking on death's doorstep . Chinaza Duson's remarkable story is sure to become a world classic-serving as a elegant, yet powerful testament of the human spirit and how one woman's will to survive systematic abuse and torture by her own grandmother, while her family stood by and watched, and overcome the multitude of continuous horrors in a life entangled in generational curses, dysfunctional behavior, abuse, neglect, degradation, incarceration, countless failures and serial losses, on her journey to unprecedented success, all while capturing the eloquent testament of a remarkable, against all odds, rise to mental, physical emotional and even financial freedom.

April 2010 – Present (6 years)Atlanta Based - Worldwide Outlets
As a Network Marketing Professional, Business Developer & Personal Performance Coach, Chinaza Duson, leads an organization of thousands as the #5 Income earner with Paycation Travel.

She spends countless hours, teaching & mentoring others on how to own and operate their business in the largest industry in the world "Travel" via Paycation, a Global Host Agency whose Certified Travel Agent program provides the novice or the consumate entrepreneur everything needed to start and grow their very own home-based travel business. Our home based business model includes mentorship, coaching, a proprietary website powered by priceline, ongoing training, support, marketing and accounting tools, and so much more.

She lead the launch of Paycation's rock solid Travel Program in the United Kingdom in September of 2014. I invite you to come join our global expansion team. Contact email: or

Ownership of a Home-based "Travel" business affords you those in the United States an opportunity to capitalize on over 422+ Taxes Breaks, weekly income and 6 streams of monthly passive residual income.

In three minutes learn how to become a home based 

travel consultant by calling 941-467-3131

After you listen to the call, you can contact Joanne Quinn-Smith, aka TechnoGranny, Paycation Travel Consultant for additional information at 


or you can check out the opportunity further at;

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