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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thinking About Adding this Support this Blog, Buy Me a Coffee Button, What Do You Think?

So I get comments all the time that say, "Love your blog, if you had a donate button I would support you." For years now people have been telling me that I should put up a "Buy Me a Cup of Coffee Button"  Of course I have resisted.  You can tell because there is currently not one on my blog.

So I finally succumbed and went on Fiverr and got someone to design one for  me, problem is that they sent me two and I am not sure which one to use or if I should get a do over, so I thought I would ask the audience.

So Here goes:

Graphic #1

I thought this was cute and kind of feminine and matches the color of the computer on my logo, sort of, what do you think?

Graphic # 2

When I first opened up this one, it kind of scared me a little and I thought it was kind of Third Reich looking.  One of my mastermind group members said, it was really "in your face."  Another said it was "demanding."  Still another thought, "Hey it's about time you stop doing this for free, go ahead and be 'demanding."  

So what do you think?  Please leave your comments below,  I would be very appreciative.

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